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Like brew coffee that you buy at the store. I don't like it. it's not good. It's not good. I don't know that's that's my unpopular opinion. I don't need to tell you how much more i hate it. I just feel like it is over. Hyped overdone people. I mean and i see starbucks stores going up all over the place. Everybody's been hyping morris though the new starbucks store that went in morris in there is a line around that store all the so i understand a lot of people enjoy that place and like that coffee i just i don't get it i would. I would stop at a circle. K or bp for coffee before. I'm going to go there. Get some ronco or renault. Noko marley is obsessed with this drink at starbucks called like the dragon juice. It's called a dragon juice or dragon drink. Okay it's like a dragon fruit Juice i'm gonna look it up dragging drink starbucks. She's absolutely. It's a tropical inspired. Pick me up. Crafted with refreshing combination of sweet mango and dragon fruit flavors. It's hands handshaking with creamy coconut milk. Ice and a scoop of real dice dragon. Fruit contains caffeine real dice. Dragging me dragging fruit. Oh okay she was obsessed with this and just been touting it for months so we go there where where was that. it's from starbucks. Oh okay so we go there. And i'm like okay. I gotta try one of these. Yeah so i got the most obnoxiously. Pink drink you've ever seen in your life in a giant cup. Yeah and we had to go somewhere with as soon as they handed to me. I'm like i'm not i can't. I'm not going anywhere with this. Thing is a giant pink. Drink like bright pink right pink like hot pink. So i've witnessed her drink. One of these. And i was driving along side of her. And in morris an aiming. I drove alongside of the entire length of the town waving to her honking the horn of our car. She's too into that dragon drink and she was into it. She was into it. She eventually saw us. Only because amy took a snapchat and sent it to her and then she saw the snapchat and realize we were next door. Well i'll tell you what i saw. I ordered one. It is the most disgusting thing i've ever drink. It's unbelievable. I don't know how she drinks it. It's so bad. is it what. What don't you like about it. Like the flavor. Wise as a bitter sweet bitter bitter and lifting flavor i don't know how to expound on. It's just not good. I like dragon fruit as a fruit. Adam says i did love the bikini baristas in washington.

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