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The documentary it's so good about the making of this september issue at vogue magazine so even though we don't read vogue this is a good one to watch this thing just what goes into it because it's like a cat log help the issue is the making of it and the the star of that was inches and at that and a winter was second or the person that everyone was like falling in love with is greece coddington yes who is the she was the one who put together all the photo shoots revoke the amazing she's got the red hair and she's anas polar opposite ariana's icy graces warm you know yet anna is stiff and uptight greece is you know hippie bohemian open to any idea who likes to hear from your name for like a patricia fields bushy yes and she is returning to she's going back she's british she's been hired by british vogue as a contributor and kate moss naomi campbell and the movie director steve mcqueen are all going to be contributing editors now why i like that yeah i like that and i only i know danny posted a photo of her special islands nearest fasching fabulous of fortyseven yeah so uh um anyway that switzerland vets kate moss i don't know who's gonna rated for but i highly gouge rated i'm just saying and then salim dion is can if you want to follow vokes instagram they are following suit xylene oliver paris fashion week and she is bringing at he ringing is all she looks happy his having really allow defied feldheim it's the beginning of her sex the reinvention do go said he didn't all right what is our summer song think about it may be your policy next hour when we ask of you found it we have lexus.

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