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Not that's not going to happen so we does this leave the digital camera manufacturers panasonic as a good corporate citizen enabled the g h series record over thirty minutes by paying the tax and passing on the cost to the consumer so there is no recording time limit on the g h for the g h for r g h five models but of course you're paying the extra for this feature so i guess that seems only right or is it well on computers it's called by us or set up and this is where parameters are set up on a digital camera it's called firmware now olympus and canon or have this twenty nine minute and fifty nine second limit and however sonian icon has done a little differently they've abided by the european ruling by setting the limit onto firm we're however that can be reprogram otherwise unlock of course they don't do it and if you do a quick search on youtube you will find that there are many videos available to show you how to change a parameters on the firmware well we'll cannon olympus follow soon yeah they will but when hopefully soon if and when and this is gonna venturi happened smartphones or unlock on maximum video recording time to smartphone has been really a smart video camera and you're using a camcorder the mic telephone calls the telephone is a computer let's not forget that but don't let the european union know that because with such a unit you can walk and talk in compute or the same time a wait a minute i have to use the word chew gum and they may realize that can cap your telephone court twenty nine minutes and fifty nine seconds you ain't going to let that happen.

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