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We feel like it's over isn't it? It's not there's some names out there that are, you know, big deal. Still. I mean names that are at least, you know, from a fantasy standpoint you've heard of them the relevant TJ yelled is still sitting out there. And if heaven Coleman's only getting two years ten million what's TJ Yeldan getting. No idea. But this signing did just come down. Former bears cornerback Bryce Callahan goes to the Denver Broncos three years twenty one million dollars that includes ten million dollars fully guaranteed. That's not that small of a deal cornerback Bryce Callahan goes from the bears to the Denver Broncos. That's courtesy of Adam Schefter. Okay. Let's get to choose your fate at eight. This is about as close of a as we ever see on choose your date. So the four options tonight dolphins best quarterback option. Twigs message to giants fans the forty nine or running back rumor mill and k D's shoe rankings. And so. Tweets. Message to giants fans had it all the way up until the end. But instead winner is. Yeah. We got to get to the forty nine and running back rumor mill apparently the text line. Also, just blow off apparent I kept saying these Sesame Street apparently animals from the Muppets. There's there's overlap there isn't there is there. No overlap there. I mean, what do what do you think? What do you think? Bert and Ernie are. The Muppets they're not Muppets. But you know, what I'm talking about? Anyway. Anyway. We did have a very intricate. Yeah. Not even close, right? We don't really intricate text on this eight oh five animal from the muppet show was widely considered to be based on Keith moon of the who as well as Bonzo from Led Zeppelin. Which has got to be the most clip Clave in tax that we've gotten so far on this show. And I mean that is a huge compliment. And I know junior you're looking at me, you don't even know who clerk Flavin is. Of course. I don't k-. I like fun facts. Like that though, please keep on texting live claiming is a is a very famous character from the television show. Cheers. Okay. That's the mailman at the corner of the bar there. And cheers actually just watched the documentary because you know, that's old called the eighties on CNN out to get one. You check it out. It's on Netflix. That's rude. Cheers as I conduct dude. Just because something's all I'm sorry. We brought them will Clark the other night. You wanted to talk about him. He's from the eighties. Also, he coaches though. We'll older than cheers. I'm pretty sure about that. He turned fifty five. I don't think Jerry's is fifty-five yet. But anyway. Yeah. Burned earlier puppet says the tax plan the other guys are that. Well, they rhyme. It's only one letter. Nineteen eighty two. Well, Clark born before nineteen eighty two. Well, we'll Clark was not in the bigs yet by the time cheers came out. But is still in syndication today. I mean junior have you ever heard of I love Lucy. Yes. I wanna say I know one of the from it. What is it? What are you? What are you know, if you probably said, it'd be like, oh, yeah. That one. Luc- got some. That's the one, okay? By the way, that's before my time, even okay? But when things are iconic there a comic cheers. I comic though, this thing watch the twilight zone, like the old ones, that's way, older than cheers. Cheers knows are on Netflix, by the way, John Ratzenberger who played cliff flavored on cheers as famously been a voice in a lot of the Disney Pixar cartoons that you watch. Oh, okay. Okay. Go look them up. Okay. Go look them up. Please. You do your cheer? If we're gonna win on this show, where you're going to need to knows there's going to be cheers references, and I am not apologize. Okay. You look at game of thrones. Look at cheers fair watched. Both of those fair totally fair. And then we'll have a debate about which ones about care. Both iconic. Boy, we're we're really messing up. Choose your fate at eight people like we chose the topic. And you guys aren't talking about it here. It is forty nine or running back rumor mill this is fascinating to me because the forty Niners today signed Ricky most to an extension. Fun. Fact Kyle Shanahan has never activated for running backs in a game in his life. So what are we doing here? Moster Brita McKinnon Tevin Coleman. What's the deal? You gotta deactivate one of them each week. And if you do guess what not gonna be most? He's one of their best special teamer. I mean, did we suddenly get to a point where we're de-activating Matt Rita on game day is he just an insurance policy or is something about to go down because I've also seen forty nine or voices. I trust who've said today on social media expect more running back movement from the Niners soon. And I didn't take that to mean. They're gonna sign another one. I took that to mean. Whatever might be on the block. Not like J lo on the block. She's from the block one of these guys might be on the block. I don't know which one it's obviously not in Coleman. If MacKinnon was gonna be cut. You're not gonna do that until June. There's financial reasons for that. As far as the cap hit. His Breda on the block Matt Brita at a draft pick for a really good receiver something like that. Pretty interesting. We know Kyle Shanahan loves speed. We know that he wants depth at running back, and what happened at the position last year that makes all the sense in the world that they would bolster up, you know, like get.

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