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When holiday season start. Coming into play Thanksgiving and Christmas or two really key seasons for them They do they do boost that adspend a little bit, and they've also been working really hard this you know they. They had this really cool. APP. I mean McCormick Tech Company. Right. They've got a really cool APP called flavor maker at. It incorporates immersive technology, it incorporates augmented reality. You can actually scan the spices in your spice cabinet into this APP. So then you have an inventory of your spice cabinet on your phone, which let me tell you as the cook of the House it's really helpful when you go to the store and you know that you need some garlic powder or some time or something if you're not sure you have it in your. Spice Cabinet, you check your phone and you can confirm one way or the other. So it's little things like that. So it's not one of those companies that has to spend so much that they're injured in your face all the time, but they definitely do have ways of getting things out there at the appropriate times of the year and I suspect we'll more and more of that as we go into this holiday for. Why they, split the stock to for one. Well I mean honestly when when you The normal reason, the reason most companies give most management team gives they believe it will provide greater liquidity and that's exactly what they stated in the call they noted had been eighteen years since the split since they last stock. So two thousand and two they split in the pre split share price then and was fifty two dollars and change, but they noted they just feel like it. Provides greater liquidity. It's going to be appreciated by individual investors and employees more gives people an opportunity to buy into the stock because you know the fact that matter is now you've got basically a two hundred dollar stock in a fluctuating a little a little over little under and in we've seen that the market does care about having that liquidity making it a little bit more accessible. To your retail investors even even in the age of fractional shares. So, yeah. I mean you know two for one split that's that's neither here nor there it's the same size pizza but. I noted earlier on twitter today I'm twice as rich and I feel pretty good about that. I'm kidding by the way I'm not twice as rich. I've got twice as many shares, but it's the same amount of money. So always remember that folks a split is just just a mechanism. It's not something that really creates any value in the near term. Apple, takes a thirty percent cut in its APP store. Google looked at the waiter and said, we'll have what they're having. Google announced it is going to start enforcing rules that require APP developers distributing android software on the Google play store to use its in APP payments system..

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