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Tuesday by. We know who the hot one as we know the hot one we know this is the probably easing sweetie that texas toasted who are at them. My dad's company was the first to start selling texas Commercially and he was involved in a lawsuit against to another company. It was throwing texas toast and a federal judge help that basically. It was all bread. So therefore they couldn't i don't know have exclusivity of texas toast so even the federal court system agree in fact it's been nine years ago to the day and tonight i say was supposedly but with us from Wondering what is the canonical spelling of the title of the right crew. Christmas movie by by saying is it. The i b santa is a both. Bi is both be eat Boston guidance there. Okay crunch crunch. High who weekly Medium term medium time I'm calling because i saw that a member of little mix plus the group I didn't realize until this point that little mix was a group i was. They seem to person I'm just wondering If you yeah there who were them That's it much highlands zimbabwe so i was just in a live stream. Qna with ben affleck for the way back like halfway see thing and he took a quick simple dunkin. Unfortunately it was too quick for me to be able to snap a photo but the dunkin order has changed. It was a black coffee no milk. It was completely black so just in case you can our ben affleck's dunkin order his change..

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