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We're back our three and run MOKHBAT standing by and apologized Iran. We thought we'd be with him about a twenty five minutes ago. But it's been a a hectic morning. Ron Joins US after Saturday and the opportunity for Whitmore who you know people say the horses. They'll stay around to develop a fan base. Well he's got a fan base and certainly at at oaklawn where he was going to attempt to win his fourth straight. Hot Spring Steak He's a favorite and still had to go out and do it and it was a good. Groom some certainly some horses that on paper looked preferable from anti capping standpoint but when he when he split horses and came running it it made it very apparent that Ron Woke and the team. We're not going to be denied on Saturday. A fourth straight hot springs Ron Amazing. Congratulations thank you very much. We're we're very very proud of him. How can you not be a how I mean? Obviously you're you'RE GONNA go to win any opportunity but as a horse gets older like this. You're also watching for signs that you know that. He's lost the step and talk about the expectations coming toward the year. And you know getting getting him ready. I mean there's obviously bigger assignments even yet to come but this was a pretty unique opportunity..

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