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To close to the public as R. J. confronts the corona virus pandemic the space needle is going to suspend operations through the end of the month to patients at a psychiatric ward of tested positive for the virus and doctors don't know how the disease reach them inside a Seattle hospital commercial Marino has the latest concerns about how the virus may be spreading so much about corona virus still isn't known and infections in two patients at UW medicine's northwest campus really has doctors wondering we're learning as we go forward with the patients were hospitalized in a special mental health unit for older people and didn't trigger any early alarms there were no overt signs of respiratory infections and either patient but once symptoms develop tests were run and doctors realize the rest of the ward was at risk the natural question is could there be more bases affected by this twenty two patients are being treated in the Gero psychiatric unit all have now been tested and remain quarantined while results are pending still being determined is whether the two infected patients brought it to the hospital the card at their prison visits are now on hold here in Washington starting today the department of corrections says it's working to put new screening measures in place for all staff prisoners and other people entering those facilities until those protocols are in place visitations and tours will be suspended spring break is just around the corner and passengers seatac airport or sing shorter lines now as travel slows during the outbreak yesterday president trump said domestic travel restrictions could be a possibility and that could include the state of Washington governor Insley responded after the president's comments we haven't discussed that yet is it a possibility yes if somebody gets a little bit out of control of the at the moment it sounds like a random comment by the president rather than a thoughtful consideration and I will be talking to vice president the next day or so and about several things I don't believe that's probably gonna come up tonight at midnight the Europe travel restrictions take effect on most foreign nationals flying to this country it does not apply to U. S. citizens concerns over the virus have also prompted the Seattle symphony to cancel all performances and events through the rest of the month but they are offering free live streams from Benaroya hall Seattle symphony is updating its program schedule on its website and we posted a link to it on our website at komo news dot com look for the hot links section komo news time for thirty eight people across king county are complaining they can't get tested for the virus but health experts tell us it's not because of any test kit shortage the story from Cuomo's gave Colin for heating to Molly is panic what if I have a color white she's had a cough and fever for a week and I just get you you went to the doctor last week he said I'm not gonna take it takes from you it's just so expensive right now in the hospital he's not straight deep we've heard complaints of people with symptoms being denied a corona virus test are enough people being tested here right now no I don't think they are Dr Scott Lindquist with state health says Washington has plenty of test kits the problem is doctors are running out of protective gear to collect the samples the state desperately needs and ninety five math skills and gloves keep going komo news with so many businesses struggling right now one of Seattle's top restaurants is trying something new starting Monday Camila's will close its dining room and offer new ways to grab some food the be offering a bagel spread for breakfast a burger and sandwich drive through after eleven AM and a meal delivery service for dinner cattle says it's a safe way to create jobs are protected opts for employees and continue to serve the community but there's a lot of anxiety right now income losses and fun visited an organization called crisis connections to give us a closer look at to what they're seeing and hearing the phones have been ringing off the hook at crisis connections it like Seattle and king county residents to emergency mental health services in the last couple of weeks the crisis.

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