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Had been senator from illinois they came from the system and i think fully understood the system but i tell my friends abroad when i'm asked about the administration is all the time which is all the time i say let's look at where policy is going and let's see where those policies are emerging i will tell you i am not in agreement with the everything that the administration is done i'm a much more a much stronger proponent of immigration for instance as uh as something that's very beneficial to the united states i think we've been well served by having people come to refresh this generation after generation shooter is the son of a refuge yes and uh i we we the people as had no ethnic or national or religious connotation it's been an open concept and that served as well and so there i would find myself not very much in agreement but if i look at the foreign policy i have to say that it's not that different than the foreign policies we've pursued in the past the rhetoric looks different i don't like the term america first at all but there are things that the president of the united states suddenly realizes for instance i have to criticise venezuela and i have to do it on the basis of uh an argument about democracy i have to criticize the moulis in iran who are putting down protests of people who just want a better life i have to do something about syria uh the syrian regime carpet bombing or using chemical weapons against the regime there are certain things about being present were both niger to what about turkey would about other places in the world where he's actually been very supportive of repressive authoritarian leader we think that uh the president has had an easier time uh understanding uh that democracy is really in our interest in the long run when we're talking.

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