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At first but honestly it could help others and it can help your family It can help you not get to the panel says the vaccines benefits outweigh the risks President Biden on the campaign trail in Arlington Virginia Has made all of his private pleasures of loyalty to Donald Trump But what's really interesting to me he won't stand next to Donald Trump Now that the campaign's on The Democrat Terry mcauliffe is locked in a tight gubernatorial race with Republican Glenn youngkin 45 million Americans are in the path of a nor'easter barreling up the east coast bringing flooding rain and gusty wind from North Carolina to Maine A Los Angeles judge sides with Vanessa lane Bryant widow of NBA star Kobe Bryant lawsuit over pictures taken in the spot where her husband died Daria Alvin ABC News Komo news 1000 FM 97 7 News time 7 31 art Sanders top local stories from the como 24 7 news center Analysts get the latest now the FDA seems poised to give the green light to Pfizer shots for kids 5 to 11 years of age coma fors Abby Coney has reaction and reports on what children here could get vaccinated Parents and families here in Bellevue tell me they're eager to get their young kids vaccinated I talked to a top infectious diseases expert in Seattle He says kids his youngest 5 here in Washington could at least get their first shot by Thanksgiving The parent part of me cries Because I know what she was like before Melissa lynch has watched her young daughter named Wednesday suffer from long COVID for 13 excruciating months Her young daughter battling seizures exhaustion cognitive loss and severe stomach pain She couldn't stay awake To pet the dogs and she'd fall asleep in the floor Now lynch is the lead representative for the organization called long COVID kids USA She urges parents to listen to her daughter's story and to get their young kids vaccinated as soon as they're eligible for teachers describe her glitching like a computer her eyes cloud over multiple times at schools Here are the next steps for Pfizer's vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old Top doctors say the FDA will make a final decision about authorizing the shot soon After that it will go to a CDC committee possibly by early next week Finally the western states scientific safety review group will decide whether to recommend it along the West Coast Well it's a real milestone for families for us to be able to move vaccination into our elementary school kids Doctor Larry Corey is a professor at Fred Hutch and Utah medicine He says kids in Washington could get vaccinated by the end of November He reminds parents that some kids get severe cases of COVID-19 Having a kid that's ill that has to be in the hospital It has to be an ICU that God forbid has to be in a respirator Reporting in Bellevue I'm at the at county Come on yes New numbers from the states suggest more workers have turned in proof of vaccination in the last week since the governor's mandate deadline of October 18th 275 workers have produced proof of the they comply The updated information from the state office of financial management also says the number of state workers who quit or were fired as a result of the mandate is about 100 fewer than what was announced last week Come on news time 7 34 traffic every ten minutes on the forest from the douban law group traffic center Here's Tama Fulton In Lynwood the earlier crash on southbound 5 at 44 governor west has cleared.

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