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So close. They're gonna motivate you to the upset so i don't know man like i said taxes series just like he's all over the place and then on top of that they're not even they're not even sure. The is gonna come up next so it until he finds somebody in the top. Maybe fifteen did maybe i believe. There's a possible eddie. Ruiz was not a number forty three fighter. You know what i'm saying. It's not like he had never had a world title shot before he he's. He's very skilled e by the tate attention the heavyweight boxing the one. Where was he at like. Where was the ad on box wreck. Where was he at in in the w._b. Yoda w._b._z. like come on oh man komo news written this respect. No disrespect the box art w._b. The shit you know four people pay them in those rankings man and box wreck. Is this private company to come up with their own little system and we. I think we put too much into them at. We'll put them they they. They are probably the most accurate like look. We don't gotta go off a box wreck. You know literally like if they're saying number. One is number one on and you don't agree. That's cool but those names are in that facility in my book in my opinion. I feel like those names belonged. They're the ones funds that are normally see a dude at a nowhere unless he got a real fight unless he got a real fighting wanted then you jump but you don't oranges jump for no reason i mean look. What's the other rankings right. How do i find or what are they called the trans something the e._s._p._n. Outlook they all going to be the same they all going to be. The same like we know who the top like violin is coming out of nowhere but i'm pretty sure andy wasn't top fifteen gene bra coming off of what to you let me go to his resume coming up like a two year layoff and if i enter metrinko hi i wanna make him. Let let me see how long he was out so his last fight was kevin johnson july of seventy. He ain't fight phil april of two thousand nineteen so a little less than a year right a little less than a year. There's a strong possibility. He wasn't highly ranked. I mean when 'cause he lost the park then he fights devin davidson vargas and kevin johnson like we know kevin johnson kingpin. We know you know what i'm saying but devon v- august august and then finished out alexander dmitrenko no way no way he was ranked. I wish somebody had a picture shadow just so i can know feel. Strongly wasn't rank high but i'm not a thousand percents shore right. Let's go out to aaron in california. Talk to me yeah. <hes> i mean again. It's kind of ridiculous to compare. I mean again we take at the last second the fight as it has a theory has all day to be music live and what we're arguing about is you're right boxing wreck or what what is the standard standard were using as far as top ten top fifteen guys for me. I'm looking at a magazine e._s._p._n. If you look at those top ten rating those are consistent regardless of the belt you just do the those are the top ten guys we look at any of those rankings boxing boxing records up there but regardless if you talk about he's great great and he's the lineal and now saying he w intercontinental champion then you need to be frightened somebody in the top ten of what the fans thing not a boxing wreck things. If you look at the top ten you got back in you got par pure. You got white. You got hulu. I mean i mean. Why isn't he finding any of those guys. If you okay any other great lennox lewis mohammed ali they fought top ten guys and they thought him two or three times.

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Ruiz, Andy, Kevin Johnson discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

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