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Learn. sure tweeted that he almost sent out a really snarky tweets but deleted it everyone is assuming its target was to me more and Jon Cryer says to me was wrong to claim that she took his virginity we have that story it's part of the one of the bomb shells on her yeah he'd already cashed in that card when they met he's so in high school oh my gosh. a lot of things coming out and demi Moore's book all right yeah of Channing Tatum sold for sixty six hundred dollars on eBay a probably because he's not wearing pants. and all of it. two again berries are totally visible all he does not believe for a no covering all it's like a nude. yeah it is a painting though so I don't know if the model for it are probably not how detailed yes water color yes yes okay this is scary you know we always look out for these crazy fans who are crazy over celebrities and not mentally stable Miley Cyrus is security spotted to the forty two year old man and a recent show. and they had him arrested it seems that the guy believes it's his life's mission to impregnate her. no it's not your life mission. so anyway that is fine yes it is okay so the Charlotte observer says that the Carolina Panthers at changing their tune on only allowing they their bank of America stadium to be used for football games so this idea that they were like it our business is football okay back in two thousand sixteen the previous owner said that and now they're gone but we're gonna have a Billy Joel concert so. things better be on point is going to be the first of many shows so they've changed their tune you know they've got to make more money to pay for these new stadium so yeah they'll be soon hosting holiday crafting. was it a whole bunch of stuff that's right that's really Mr.

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