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This is a basketball podcast nominally. So let's do some basketball stuff. Because and i think because you and jason today is obviously a big. Nba fan their nba references sprinkled into this show including one of which. I'm not sure anyone is noted. We're gonna talk about only. I would notice because i'm a crazy person but the most famous one was recreation of alan iverson's practice rant and the twist on it is. It's the coach giving the practice rant at the player and not the other way around and a lot of it is verbatim. There obviously deviations because the sports are different. All that for people who haven't seen it. It's an amazing rendition by jason today because as ted lasso of alan iverson practice ran. How did you decide to do this. How did you execute it. And how did you decide to have the coach. Sort of reverse the roles. It'd be the one giving the rent it. It happened in the flow of a writer's session talking about. I think we weren't even talking about that episode yet. We're kind of talking about things in general and then as as things just sometimes come up randomly allen iverson speech came up and immediately it was like ted gives that speech but he's advocating for practice over a game as opposed to a game over practice. Yes boom file that away like you know. Only only about half are writer's room knows that reference whatever's somewhere like okay. What what else are we talking about. Those new. It was was like okay. There's there's something there that's really funny And it was. Jason eventually chose where to put it. And i also think in the end you know his final touches on and definitely his performance of it really elevated to this great moment An i i'll always wonder because i'll never be able to experience this way. What it's like to watch that scene having no idea that we're making a reference. It seem so weird it'd be like Why really yelling. So i my wife. My wife is not familiar with the alan iverson practice rent so and but but as someone who knows it. I had my own delightful sensation which is the first time he says practice. It doesn't really register and then he says it again. You have this wonderful waterfall of the thing you like. They're doing the iverson practice ran. I had to stop the show and explain. There's player who complained about practice and like other exactly the same. It's exactly how many takes how many takes did people start laughing. Did the cast get the joke. Like tell me more. I think we probably do. I mean give all the different ain't coverage you know camera angles that we got it Probably did ten or fifteen takes total And you know that. Allow jason have ten or fifteen takes getting closer to getting it right. In terms of the the words themselves but for the most part the cast and crew had no idea what you're doing so it was between one of the camera moves during one of the camera moves that jason finally got this phone out and you know. Twelve dudes in richmond shirts. Gather around a phone and watch the speed like. Oh okay and jason really gets into the backstory. That too will what. I was going through at the time and Yeah there's been a few moments during the course of the season. I wish i can remember others. Were like we're doing a thing. The cast doesn't quite get it. They just give it full commitment anyway and then afterwards we explain it and they're like that's great except in a cockney accent when did you so the commercials were like two thousand thirteen fourteen. I think something like that. Then you have this idea for a show that what did you begin shooting. Twenty thousand nine twenty twenty. I dunno shooting schedules. Work something like that. So when in that so in six or seven years there was the moment when you knew when you thought for the first time. Only god this. We might actually get to do this. This isn't just a pipe dream that we have like. When did it become not like. When did you strike the deal. But when did it become like. Oh we might actually get to do this it. It was when Jason said the words bill lawrence For the first time Bill lawrence's our showroom and the fourth grade of the show for folks who don't know him he made scrubs and spin city Wrote in the first season of friends. cougar town. As his as well as jason saying he's forgotten more about television than any of us will ever know And and bill gets things done and once once jason was like hey is all the are to lhasa material that we can your workshop for while is that still online somewhere like yes man. That's so that's how the internet works local. I'm talking to bill lawrence tomorrow. Good bubalo And sure enough three months later. Me and jason. And you're having dinner with bill lawrence two months after that we're in a regiment unbelievable unbelievable success story and you've read all a of the interviews done in the past month. You've been asked a gazillion times. Like how does it feel when it becomes a hit. When did you know that it was becoming a hit. What's the piece of feedback where you were like. Oh my god. It's becoming ahead. So i don't i wanna ask that question differently but i don't quite know how to ask it differently. It must continue to happen every day..

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