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Losing J J for this for the season early on and not having Darren sproles for most of the season. There are a lot of headwinds facing this team. And I don't think it really feels like this team arrived here in the two thousand eighteen season until two thirds of the way into the season. And now feels like we've got the eagles. This is the eagles team kind of that we expected not with not with Nick foles quarterback. You know, we expected to see Carson Wentz. But here we are. You know, this is still an injury ravaged team. But the offense of line which was the big strength last year is playing about as well as they did in that Super Bowl run last year. And you've got Nick foles a guy who is slinging it. So I also think you have to give some credit to Jim Swartz bay. Eljay because what he has done with a bandaid ravaged secondary and managing to get these guys through a season to the point now where the secondary feels like it's actually stabilized is goes is really tremendous. And I know, you know, we were really some people were talking for Jim Schwarz's head with all those blown fourth quarter leads. And now, I gotta believe he's he's a very secure coach in this organization. I mean, you could get a job. Elsewhere anything that's too. I don't know. I'm generally not the biggest fan of hiring defensive coaches. But I think he interviews. No, look at some of these other guys getting interviews this offseason like Adam gays again, Mike McCarthy, like okay, like them towards can't get an interview. Yeah. I think what you look at what he's done in over these last three games. If that's all the focus slightly on the raids here when the eagles have been on the three no streak. I mean, legal's rank tied for six and tied for ninth, respectively when it comes to Saxon takeaways, so you know, they're getting to the quarterback there in great pressure taking the ball away. It's just that unit is playing pretty well right now and they're playing with confidence in in swagger..

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