Marc Morano: Health Groups Jumped on the Opportunity for Lockdowns


Was specifically duped by Deborah birx and Anthony Fauci. She writes about this in her book. And we've now had freedom of information act request. We can see where they literally gleefully even smiling in the photo when they duped Trump into doing the 15 days or to slow the spread. They knew at that point that it was never going to be 15 days. She admits it in her book. They literally lied to Trump just to get that power and get that premise set. So democratic governors could go. But specifically, it goes back to these simulations. The Rockefeller institute, the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University, the Gates Foundation. They all had to say, and essentially empowering the public health bureaucracy. So for decades, they'd been seeking more power, more influence. And that's why these simulations that they had sort of give you a window into what they wanted. They were bonkers simulations. Again, there's the openly talk about shutting down the global Internet in these. They talk about total lockdown, and they even talk about the pushback and they have fake news cast. I mean, they put a lot of time and money and thought into this. So in the under the motto of never let a crisis go to waste when COVID came along, they jumped on what they'd always wanted to do. And let me give you an example. The same way when we have a bad hurricane climate activist, jump on that hurricane. The same way when you have a school shooting, gun control advocates, jump on the, you know, the political aspect. There was the same thing here, except the difference was they had power and success far beyond any previous progressive campaign. I think in U.S. history, there's nothing that ever was that fast. That quick, that permanent, and that all powerful that we saw in March of 2020. It became a dictator. And that's because they used fear and the specter of death. Yes.

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