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The latest and greatest in the world of cigars with of steel like a two door dave well big weekend it is father's day weekend to all the fathers out there we wish you very happy father's day and i will be remembering my father dr the the surgeon general of the cigar and alpha army on sunday world cup granted to the united states canada and mexico so the good news is the host nation gets an invite to the world cup we missed it this year but sergeant steve you told me they're expanding the field and the world cup i just have no interest in watching it the only reason i i watch it is if the us makes a run and i have zero interest in watching it i'll watch it because i'm a soccer fan so i'm not i'm not into it i don't know every last team and player and everything else but i do enjoy the competition and really any of the world's sports the olympics the world cup i'll watch you know what i love about soccer is the tremendous amount of scoring it's just you can't keep up with it i mean these those zero zero and one nothing games are just so overly exciting there so stimulating i can't get enough hey russia one five nothing in the opening game they beat saudi arabia saudi arabia was not great i'm not sure facebook had anything to do with the score or anything if the russian hackers were involved but you know i think muller should probably investigate saudi arabia playing russia in fact he ought investigate russia even holding the world cup so well now we know that was corrupt no question about it well i'll tell you somebody that not corrupt and that is my good buddy dennis huff who is the owner of the moonlite bunny ranch out in carson city nevada he won the gop primary for the nevada state legislature and of course now you're hearing all these people saying oh this is terrible he's nothing more than a pimp and this is listen he's a business person he's a great guy and by the way all of the women that work there it is a it's all legit we that dennis hof on here he runs a legit business they're all tested nobody is held there's no traffic women trafficking or kid trafficking they're all free to come and.

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