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That he has thyroid cancer. But that doctors have called a treatable he expects to be back on the air in the next month or so dodgers centerfielder AJ Pollick is expected to miss at least six more weeks while he recovers from the infection in his right elbow. Shohei Otani could return as soon as tomorrow to for the angels, not going to pitch this year after having Tommy John surgery back in October earlier today. The giants were smoked in Cincinnati twelve four right now white socks beating up on the Indians. Eight one Yankees up on the Mariners seven three Baltimore blanketing. The Red Sox for nothing. Minnesota leading Toronto three nothing. Raise up big on the Diamondbacks. Six nothing. Nationals up two nothing early in Milwaukee. And they're just about to get going at Wrigley between the cubs and the Marlins Houston hosting the royals and the Phillies visiting the cardinals. I'm Greg Caserta wanna talk about the NBA playoffs. Then keep our CBS. Sports radio toll free number handy. Eight five five two one two four CBS. He's Bill Reiter can he's writer than the program writer venue. Sometimes. He's a fan. I love sports so much. He's in your face. I will destroy those obnoxiously arrogant clueless. Tone-deaf superstars who were marginal players players made careers who believe they're hall of famers. He's nice. We're nice here. I promise. He's humble they got usually pretty good. If you're on the show about admit. And when I got it wrong live from Los Angeles. Here's Bill writer what's going on Bill right.

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