Nelson Mandela, White House, President Trump discussed on Global News Podcast


Absolutely without a doubt the biggest ones it was the food was important but like when nelson mandela came to the white house and it was one of his first trips outside of south africans president of south africa it was just huge i mean for him to experience what he did to his life in a cheap what he did at that point in time and just to know that he was just a few steps away from where you were serving the soup it was incredible and it was was it that's what you said him super the first course there you know can you remember what else he said we did a halibut with a carrot sesame sauce and then i kept what the what the desert was done that time joe jomaa and just before we go you may remember that we reported recently that diamonds found inside a space rock which crashed back in two thousand eight may have come from a destroyed planet we referred to those findings as archaeological but one of our listeners sam oppenheim centers an email politely disagreeing with that description so is just about digging and human history or is this dormund discovery really archaeological i put that question to dr khloe duckworth electric in archaeology at newcastle university in northern england technically speaking that isn't kiala jay because kiala j although it's often confused with being digging essentially all sort of mining for the past it's actually looking for the material remains of human pasts so it doesn't always necessarily include digging and it also means that other foams of things like geology paleontology i've actually different subjects but i would argue that you could use it metaphorically in that way in morrison's i mean if we if we're talking about trying to reconstruct the the sort of history.

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