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I'm Jim Michener. And this is the pulse of the planet from a physics perspective. One of the biggest problems Santa faces payload how can you possibly carry enough presence in his sleigh to grant the wishes of the world's one hundred ninety one million children who Larry Silverberg is the director of the Mars mission research center at North Carolina State university any thinks he has the answer. Perhaps he says Santa could grow the presence on site with Manno twain maker. A kind of portable automated factory, which is symbols toys at a molecular level. Our hypothesis is that the presents are grown on the spot under the tree wrapping and all using an ano toymaker the technology for Nanno toymaker is into science fiction as it may sound the device can be modeled after natural processes, which would taking place all around us in things like snow minerals rocks. You have a crystallization manner in which objects are grown that process can be engineered. In fact, in other words, the Nanno toymaker would deliver a set of instructions a pattern which would tell an assemblage of raw materials under a Christmas tree to transform themselves into a present because not even Santa Claus can make something from nothing. The important thing to remember is that all of the ingredients materials, if you have copper in there, if you have plastics that all has to be in the material that sitting there under the tree, but by pointing the remote control. The material process starts to unfold where the toy is made. Also, the planet is presented by the National.

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