Boeing, Jets, President Donald Trump discussed on Ron St. Pierre


Communication. Seminole lady. Tired of hanging out here and not knowing what's going on while the jets are grounded. Norwegian is bussing passengers daily from Tf green to Stewart international airport in New York. That's where they'll catch a flight across the ocean on a different style plane cancellations lots of money spent in the last three hours trying to figure out how to get to Ireland travel changes are costing the Smiths. They say they're relieved to avoid a flight on the Boeing model. That's crashed twice in a matter of months. A little bit nervous about flying on the Maxine. I don't mind going. Wednesday afternoon. President Donald Trump issued an emergency order grounding, all Boeing seven thirty-seven max planes, the safety of the American people at all people is paramount concern Boeing insists its planes are safe but supports the decision to ground them out of an abundance of caution a spokesperson for Tf. Green says southwest flights will also be impacted at the airport southwest American and United operate dozens of Boeing seven thirty seven max planes in the US as Susan Campbell from eyewitness news. So check in with your individual carrier to see what is up our poll question before we left you yesterday. We asked you should the FAA ground the Boeing seven thirty-seven max eight when we parted company at nine o'clock the decision by the FAA hadn't been made at the urging the president. But sixty seven percent of you said, yes that they should ground this thing until they can figure out everything they need to know of the black boxes about thirty three percent.

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