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You got a problem? Boston after I've been going at it. Is that okay with you? The first Boston of more decided not past your credentials. No, that's totally fine. Oh, that Z double to me. If we're gonna talk, Boston shot out San torpedoes pizza in in Boston. Maybe you go to Santa. Appeals Tony with when we went to visit you close out there got 56 years ago and he took us there, man, And do they have pepper? Juice that you pour onto the pizza or you dunk your pizza in an amazing amazing, honest to God. I just read an article where they were ranked in the top 10 of the top 100 pizzerias in the country. You know, it's funny when you and Shannon I know you're You got something, too, But I just wanted you to know I'm not saying this for effect or to exaggerate. But when you started talking about Santa Europeos Great pizza place in Boston. My mouth actually started of water it I'm not getting down. Totally seriously. Taylor, Go ahead. I want you to build on the sand torpedoes riff. Go. Well, I feel like you're talking about this wonderful juice to put on the pizza, pepper juice. Yeah. Can I give you guys a soul food and Sandra fell with their PK sauce? Boring that sauce all over the place. I know it's not pizza, but it's our local jam down here, man. Shout out a soul food, Tony. Now listen. Great spot I could do without the hour and a half line out the front door, though. Oh, Paul, could What do you enjoy that line? It's not for everybody. All things come to those who wait ball on John's of bleaker, by the way, I think was a top five pizzeria in the top 100 of trying to do to me right now. I don't know what you're John John's ends in tar Beos are two of the best slices of pie I've ever had in my life and will ever have in my life and we've got good pizza out here. Tony's in North Beach, I'll give a shout out to I'll give a shout out to our own very on the meat cheese. I'll give a shout out to, um Giorgio's, of course out in the Richmond district. Um, there's there's there's good pizza to be had here we shadow cast for is to just a little bit absolutely so against worries. Sure, but you know who like I don't know. I just When you I'm more more of a thin crust guy. Sure, I just need more and more thin crust like deep dish is fine, but I don't just don't give me the puffy dough That's like, you know, I don't know. It's like it's like a Noah's bagel with cheese and sauce on it. You can't have, but the way I don't know how we got into this discussion, but I love this hailer. I don't know how this happened. But I'm all about this because I'll do pizza all day killer go. Here's what I know happened. I actually gave you a strong take on what I want as far as Wiseman minutes and that Tony hijacked the pod. No, no, I'm afraid you did. Paul, you diverted. You're afraid to give your take. That's what it sounds like to me. What do you want to take on Wiseman? Yeah. I want to know if you want him to play more and make the playoffs are Play more and not make the playoffs. Don't want to know if you're willing to gamble and give them one. Thanks. So thinking, Okay, fine. What's your thinking them Some things you can't hide. I want to know who I tell ya feeling..

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