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They should have a plan for moving forward with the cleanup on these plots of land within a few days reporting live in the news center gentleman KCBS Jetta, if you drive on highway seventeen the Santa Cruz mountains as good news just around the bend KCBS as Mike Cogan says the puck filled roadway pothole-filled roadway rather is about to get some long awaited major repair work. We're driving here on highway seventeen if any road could use some maintenance this would be it. The good news is it's about to get some big time. Attention we're gonna resurfaced it all the way from two Idi up into the Santa Cruz mountains, and it's going to be a significant re servicing. We're also going to be doing some signs and some warning signs electric warning signs and safety improvements on the upper part of highway seventy. Near the summit state. Senator Jim bell who authored SP one Bush provides six billion dollars a year for road improvements since thirty five billion will be spent repaid this roadway at an additional twenty million on electronic signing that will help make the road safer by limiting the tacos and the the rough roadbed is gonna make much safer. The roadwork here is expected to start next year on highway seventeen why Colgan KCBS male driver of a Honda Civic died and head on crash with a college drummer having a one overpass this morning. The California Highway Patrol says fifty year old Sergio Ramirez of Santa Rosa was driving the truck early this morning when it collided head on with the Honda that was traveling east and westbound lane of river road. According to the HP the truck driver break, the Honda driver tried to swerve to the right before the collision Ramirez was not injured and the Honda driver died at the scene. According to the HP just ahead on KCBS Bigler what? Oakland international is unveiling to help an airplane firefighting and rescue. He's a really impressive apparatus. KCBS traffic update with George Rask starting out on the nimitson Oakland where the northbound ride is pretty slow the backup almost reaching now into San Leandro to ninety eighth avenue is where the slow traffic starts an accident. Northbound at Hagen burger and in earlier occurring crash northbound at twenty nine hundred twenty nine crash has been cleared. However, southbound traffic is backed up from nine eighty all the way down to twenty ninth scene of the earlier occurring. Northbound accident. There's also slow going through Pleasanton. That's an understatement. It's jammed up through Pleasanton, six eighty southbound backed up to north of stone ridge to south of Burnell avenue north of signal castle. Would right lane has been shut down there since nine o'clock this morning, an accident occurring just before three lanes. There are not likely to be cleared for this overturned big rig that needs to be offloaded until sometime in the late after. Noon or early evening and new problems for the ride in San Jose with slow going on eight eighty southbound the Chilton auto body collision Cam Bob prior. That's an accident. Southbound eight eighty right after north I read a couple of cars managed to limp over to the shoulder traffic behind it backing up from before Gish road in old Bayshore Fremont, six eighty northbound. We heard from the KCBS phone force, Brian there appears to be some fresh pavement that slowing the drive on six eighty northbound before Washington, the slow traffic coming up from automobile Parkway next update, twelve eighteen traffic leader, KCBS lovely out there. Lots of sunshine around the bay area with temperatures into the sixties and seventies after noon, low eighties inland, pretty soon. Tomorrow's forecast calls for more of.

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