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Shoots blocked by Girardi Girardi after that rebound dislodge it for point. He couldn't get it out Elden. Boy, check right circle shot missed the left and the long rebounds, titled carry the puck back to the islanders. And so both teams getting some good looks early in the second still no score lady by the islanders net. Long toss to lead center connects with them into the lightning zone. Anders Lee left circle Lee pivoting center it Everley tied up. Everley gets loose fray corner centers for Lee office. Stick will leave been a threat early in the period. It's rattled up Tyler Johnson to the islanders in Polack. It off kucherov. It's offside point was in the zone. They say the puck came out when I tried to hold it in. But he was unable to hold it. In me. Brought it back again for the offside eighteen eleven left in the second. No score. Yeah. That one was tough to tell from that angle over the blue line. But officials right there and makes the call so no sides, but great little sequence there. An incredible save on Andrew's leave from Andrei vasilevskiy prior to that JT Miller nearly redirected one in front in that Sarah line still very effective tonight as they were in that Pittsburgh game as well. Gordon bars. L ourselves thrown out. Yeah. That's Zeke Islam had such a big game. The last time the team's venom eat really been stuck in their own end. Most of the night going up against the Sorolla line. At least to this point board wins the draw. Stamkos bombs it in bars. L the far side not out held in stamkos left circle of point headman, right point, Android. He shoots walk in front. And it's punched out by Matt bars to center ice Beauvilliers Javed it to the lightning in head-on accounted for Yanni Gord or touches it in pellet by the islanders net. Ritz it out around the nearside right to Anthony pavilion on the left wing landing zones cream by Polat circuit counter for Yanni gorge gorge gives the stamp goes soup slides it in late evening. Maybe getting a partial change your Josh Bailey. Turns it out to center ice in Brazil that bars L into landing zone old poke check from surrogate Javan, Adam Ernie will pass it out to center ice on side for pocket across the New York line rates. Circle.

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