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And when that when that story breaks or however however it works, it wasn't like that big of a breaking story. But when that headline comes across and people send it, you know, someone tweeted at me. It didn't have like the visceral reaction of like, oh, shit, Marquel Foltz and cow coups that big. That's a big moment because my mind, I'm like, no one, no one's really gonna care. Everyone's gonna be like, yeah, they deserve the money who cares and move on. So those moments that were looking for as you and I are sharks, just in the water waiting for someone. To dive in so we can rip them to shreds. It's not going to be the players. The only the only thing that's going to satisfy our hunger give us. Our pound of flesh are the coaches themselves and by the coaches, I mean, the head coaches out the assistance. We want the head coaches. We want the hall of fame head coaches, and there's no way that that's happening. So we might as well just make a mockery of this whole thing and just fuck around with like we have been doing right. Yes, exactly. And also they're writing the headlines wrong again, like they're right in the headlines. I Kau Kouzmin got eight thousand dollars while he was a Utah every single month. It's like, okay, cool. I mean, whatever that probably makes sense. I mean, based on his market, maybe that checks out whatever I don't care. But if your headline is Merle code says, there's probably should be more murders in college basketball. I wanna read that, you know, like that's a line. That's the story. The other, the other funny thing that's happening. So the the reason we're revisiting this by the way for people that are just completely oblivious to everything is as we said, Brian Bowen senior gave his testimony in some new players. Enter the game is, is how, whoa phrase it, right. Like we have all the names that we think are that he, he invokes some new names into all of this coupon Foltz being. He didn't specifically invoked Kouzmin fulls, but you get the point some some new names or Spradlin in some some programs are also sprinkling Creighton in Texas, and I, I'm losing track of like win all these things become relevant. All that shit. But anyway, the one thing we haven't mentioned are, no, I want to make this point. I before I get to the Oregon thing. It's it's funny, I, if you read these articles, all these schools are putting out statements and they're saying they're doing that. That's the other funny thing to me is that the schools themselves are like we did a investigation and. Nothing's come back. This is true. Yeah, we just we just asked her out and everyone said they'd never heard about any of this. So weird. Weird, really weird. We'll let you know if you think on our end SIA, it says, let's see here are compliance office conducted a review and did not find any information that substantiates the recent testimony Texas AD crystal Conte said in a statement that did not mention any names, we will monitor the information from the core proceedings and continue to cooperate fully. Should there being a request from the NCAA. Meanwhile, Creighton Creighton said it took the allegations very seriously, but is quote confident that coach, Greg McDermott, and members of his staff uphold the highest standards of integrity recruiting. The Santa Barbara spokesman in san- Santa Barbara is being roped in this casino, Barbara's head coach, Joe Pasternak was an assistant at Zona. Yep. He's now the head coach of Santa Barbara. So people reach out Santa Barbara school officials were not aware of statements made in court regarding pasternack prior to Thursday that they have not been contacted by federal investigators. So it's just a masterclass in like, what what's going on is? Is there a trial going on? Yeah. Into it. We promise the best thing that's so nice to just say that we will monitor, you know, I feel like that's how we've you west coast basketball, you know, we're just gonna monitor, you know, we'll, we'll get. We'll keep an eye on it. You know, you guys let us know how it's going and okay, should we swoop in now? Okay, we'll check it out like, you know. So that's the way they're approaching quote, unquote. The biggest scandal in college about, you know what I mean? Oh, sorry. Recent college. Basketball history. Yeah, you know. So there's thirty three. There are three things..

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