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Home can be a home field advantage incredibly important when you talk about everything that goes into it. I know like pregame. The music that's being played is important for our players, because that brings a certain level of energy to it within the game. The more that our people can help get our fans involved in the game. I think it's Please. A bigger role than probably most people would even think about around the division today. The Bears match up against the Bengals in Chicago. While the Vikings they travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals. The Sunday night game tonight will match up the Chiefs against the Ravens. The Milwaukee Brewers headed to the postseason for 1/4 straight year, they clinch a playoff berth. By defeating the Cubs yesterday by a 64 score. They also clinched that playoff berth thanks to the Reds and the Padres, losing after the game, the team choosing not to celebrate, that's because they are going to wait to celebrate until they win the division. We've been pretty consistent there, and we've put ability to win the division in our control, so that that's our goal. I think we're sticking to that goal work, thrilled to have Know that we're in the playoffs. I think everybody is thrilled with that. But, you know, I mean, I think the goal that we feel like we've had earned the right to to wait for is this winner division? That's manager Craig Counsell. Manny Pina, the offensive star for the Brewers. He hits two home runs starting pitcher Corbyn Burn, saying that Penis showed the ability To really impact the game tonight. Just, you know, perfect example of what money can do obviously doesn't doesn't play all but of every once out of every three or four days. But, yeah, I mean, the way he's been saying about lately and especially the second half its huge WalMart's gonna get a day off that back there. He's got the chance with one thing about to change the game and, uh, get to on runs tonight, and Eduardo Escobar and Jace Peterson also hitting home runs for the Brewers. Burns goes six innings, allowing three runs on six hits. The two teams will wrap up the series today on the mound for the Brewers. It is going to be Eric Lower. He is said to be opposed by Adrian Sampson. Our coverage will begin at 12 o'clock with Brewer's warm up around the L Central, specifically, one game and one team, the ST Louis Cardinals. They just keep winning games they knock off the Padres yesterday. By a three to score and the Cardinals now have a two game lead for the second wild card spot in the National League. The Cardinals come to Milwaukee for a four game series starting on Monday. Matt Paulie WTMJ Sports. Thanks a lot, Matt. It's 72 degrees at 9 49 on wtmj after a showing like that, 32.

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