CBS, Wilson, Senator Richard Shelby discussed on 24 Hour News


Beth Fisher. Good morning. Our top stories at nine fifty one on CBS face the nation. Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby spoke about the partial government shutdown now in its ninth today and efforts to end it negotiations are at an impasse at the moment. I wish you were not so CBS news. We'll have more in a live report. Coming up at ten o'clock a little over an inch of snow measured in some areas of metro Detroit overnight bringing with it slippery, roads and crashes across the region. Remember to take it slow and tune into traffic and weather together on the aids for the latest on the road conditions in other news, an American healthcare worker who may have been exposed to the Ebola virus and the Democratic Republic of Congo is being monitored at a medical center in Nebraska Taylor. Wilson is a spokesperson for Nebraska medicine. He says the person arrived in Nebraska. Yesterday, and so far is not showing symptoms. If this person warning develop symptoms, the Brassica Biocontainment unit which treated three patients with bullet in two thousand fourteen and monitored seven other patients were able in early two thousand fifteen close by and that person would then be a to the unit for further observation and treatment necessary. The identity of the person has not been released for privacy reasons monitoring could last up to two weeks need a change of pace. You might wanna try the Green Mountain state correspondent Wendy Gillette explains if you can work remotely, and you're willing to move opportunity is knocking in Vermont.

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