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Moonves reportedly finds he destroyed evidence he misled investigators to try to preserve his reputation and hold onto his hundred and twenty million dollars in severance pay. He was trying to hold onto one of those things more than the other. Yeah. Exactly. Reputation kind of out the window not much. You can do about that one hundred and twenty million dollars pretty big deal. He had at least four women on the hook who had come into his office and give him a Hummer whenever he asked. Linda, can you come in here for a second? And that's the relationship. He had with all women and his work. That's just the way it was and everybody else around their knew it. And and the suction was in the office that they can't be fired or can do whatever they want because he's not gonna get rid of them. But that or or that they get, you know, perks because of that everybody knew that that's the way it work. What what kind of view of of humanity of women? Do you have when you have women on call for that sort of thing as part of your job? So you have him as the second most powerful man in Hollywood Harvey Weinstein being the most powerful, and and more dominoes will certainly fall from the culture that lectures us every chance they. Get on how we ought to live. What's right? What's wrong? How conservatives are evil. Listen to us. We're your moral paragon where your example to follow. We're a little rape e over here. But what are you gonna sure how many shows did les Moonves put on CBS that we're all about empowering women while he feels like he gets to have women at work who have to do that as part of their job come into his office and give him a easy now. Sexual pleasure. Whenever he asks. And he says they were all he said these four women who was all a consensual situation. I'm sure I'm sure they voluntarily signed up for that. And thought, oh, I'll make coffee whatever you want. Sounds good. Yeah. Great opportunity is up in the organization. The documents cited by the New York Times looking into the Moonves situation said the circumstances sound transactional and improper with no hint of romance or a relate, mafia. Oh, that's rich guys. Right. Lit a candle. It would be..

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