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From KCRW. This is left right and center. President Trump is offended by the study that finds approximately three thousand Puerto Ricans died because of hurricane Maria. He says it's a smear by Democrats or something. What were the federal failures in response to Maria and heavily learned from them as hurricane Florence hits southeast, welcome to left right and center. You're civilized provocative antidote the self contained opinion bubbles that dominate political debate and Josh barrow. Later in the show a record number of migrant children are in federal custody. We'll discuss why Paul Manafort is pleading guilty and he will cooperate with Robert Muller. What does that mean for Trump and for the lobbying industrial complex and Andrew Cuomo boogeyman of the left Handley won his democratic primary for a third term as governor of New York. Ben Adler of city and state. New York will join us to discuss Cuomo's future and the New Yorkers from Donald Trump to Bill o'riley who have eaten our national politics. All that. Plus the crisis in the Catholic church is coming up next on left, right and center. We'll be right back. I'm Justin semi and on this week's Donut me, I'm talking to star of Atlanta and deadpool two Zazai Bates and boy, is it a conversation? You don't wanna miss. Somebody can have a strong identity as a black person and still have the complexity of, but they, you know, love somebody of any other race and that that doesn't take away from their identity and how they grew up and how other people see them. All right. Y'all find don't ask me on apple podcasts or KCRW dot com. Welcome back to left. Right and center. I'm Josh barrow. Your center on the right is rich, Lowry editor of national review on the left is Elizabeth brunette. Columnist at the Washington Post President Trump has a bone to pick with public health researchers at George Washington University. The Puerto Rican government commissioned the researchers to estimate the death toll in the months, following hurricane, Maria compared to the rate of death incomparable earlier periods. And they estimated that nearly three thousand extra deaths were attributable to the storm and it's long, slow aftermath. Puerto Rico adopted this as it's official death toll, but Trump does not think it is right. Three thousand people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. He tweeted Thursday when I left the island after the storm had hit, they had anywhere from six to eighteen deaths as time went by. It did not go up by much then a long time later, they started to report really large numbers like three thousand. This was done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when I was successfully raising Billy. Of dollars to help rebuild Puerto Rico. If.

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