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Welcome to the masked man show and your host, David shoemaker and today, very special episode of the mask man show. We are going full mailbag we were full russula, which should we call? It is just me talking and my hill producer Jim is occasionally talking cream of the crop. You are man speak week this week. We just got off crown jewel, which was incredibly exciting. Yeah. Big big time house show, pay per view. We really need a word for these things. Are there any questions about crown jewel? So we can just go full. We we can actually go. We we solicited questions from you guys. And this is what? This is this is I'm going to do I'm going to answer your questions this week a lot of people asked what you thought of Hogan's return. I think we should start with that. Oh sheesh. I know that like no one really cares when I talk about Iran, anybody talks about their things they didn't right. And but I was in a process of writing a piece last week about evolution leading into crown jewel. And. I thought I kind of had the right tone thread than threaded that needle sort of Ben away that I was happy with. And then they announced that HOGAN was coming back. And then HOGAN was hosting the show, which I don't know if there is a significant difference between the two, although I don't know, you know, it's just a a bangle or whatever. But I just lost all of this team. I had to write. I think that if the if the idea was if the I mean who knows there's a lot of a lot of people have a lot of ideas, if the a lot of a lot of theories about this if the idea was that there was there already getting so much for that show. They might as well bring HOGAN back. I don't think that was at. But if that was the idea it sounded dumb, it actually was kind of successful in a way because I wasn't. I was just so exhausted by the existence of crown jewel by the time that HOGAN got out there that I found it hard to muster a whole lot of of righteous indignation. Right. Then. But. If it's you know, what I think the more likely solution is scenario is which was like Joe Johnson decided not to go and they had to replace him his star power with somebody. And so they relented and put holding onto the card in a formal way. Who knows I mean, honestly, there might be other people might have explained why it happened. But but if that's why it happened. Then, you know. Okay. I mean, that's just part and parcel with this entire very very questionable unconscionable decision out beholding the show in the first place. So. Two questions about this. Yeah. One do we know how much they were paid for this? No. I was just saying this the other day there have been reports. But like you see numbers that. I honestly I can't tell if it's a joke or not like I can't like if someone will be like, oh w was getting eight hundred million dollars. Like, I'm just like, I don't know. If that's if if that's the actual reported number of that's just like, the biggest number someone could think of they're getting a ton of money. Eight hundred million. What would you guess gun to your head? Well, I mean, whatever the number was it was spread out over like ten years. You know? So it was that that could very fees is this going to be a yearly or mole to time twice a year thing. Yeah. Really? Yeah. They're going to they're going to keep doing a lot. Okay. My other question is. How do you think that conversation went between Vince, and the hawks ter- God, I haven't I have no idea. I there's nothing that would surprise me about this situation. It would definitely not surprise me of HOGAN was there. Anyway, if they had like secretly brought HOGAN along because the crown prince had requested his presence, but they were determined not to put them on the air than they had to put him on the air that wouldn't surprise me. And this is not based on any information..

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