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Year for the first time since 1949 due to the Corona virus. NFL also has the lines of 3.5 Point favorite at Jacksonville on Sunday. The Jags had lost four straight lines will head back left guard Joel Dow back from injury, No commitment yet from head coach Man Patricia As to whether or not he will start an issue football, adding a three star recruit. He is safety A J. Kirk from Columbus, Ohio. Saturday's Florida against Ellis. You man Shit has been postponed Florida with 19 players testing positive for the virus and selecting little Caesars Arena for one of the regional sites in 2024. Or the men's basketball turn it last time he was here with 2008 at Ford Field. Chicago White Sox importantly, talking to 76 year old Tony LaRussa about their open managerial gig. Both the LCS and NLCS continue tonight. The Rays can close out the Astros at ticket Update desk. I'm Jeff lesson for more 97, the one that ticket or radio dot com. Hey, it's Roberto. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you very much. You piece ofthe living. You have met your match, Mother. You have met your mother that I can't believe I'm such a good person and thought I love you. You paint a loser by great Friday, your mother full Everyone to sample Roberto's home life. There you have it. Hey, why's Kenny going through my voice mails? No, that's what it is. Actually, no, that's the mayor of Anchorage and his mistress. Yikes. In its ways or Yeah, there's way worse. Audio. Yes, there's some terrific ly grotesque stuff in there that will absolutely edited out. No way Could that be put in S o P tame A Let me just give you the quick synopsis. No Power five coach in the country has under two years left on their deal. Except Jim Harbaugh. 14 months. He's in a bad he was in a battle with the school president. Season's about to kick off. No coach ever gets to the last year of their deal. It simply doesn't happen. So the question becomes. Hey, What do you think it all means? If you think it means nothing that's totally fine..

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