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Well welcome to be al franken the podcast this week were playing a conversation i had with dana carvey when i first started recording these and originally was not my intention to interview my comedian friends but george h w bush had just died and then of course a did hw on snl and i wrote co wrote a lot of those especially with jim downey a legendary snl writer but in nineteen eighty eight when reagan's second term was coming to an end we were getting a little nervous 'cause dana just did not have a take on on bush and reagan was kinda easy to get a get a fix on and again laughs now some of you may remember franken in davis that was me and my comedy partner we met in high school and we were there at the beginning of snl on back in nineteen seventy five we stayed until nineteen eighty and then came back in eighty five in the morning came back we were warned against in those five years a we did a lot of college gigs and we used to do reagan interact and i would do these sort of you know the ring rigging an this guy back in minneapolis had had made this thing for us where i could talk on the phone is regan backstage an tom could be a onstage and be very excited about this calls coming in from the press especially colleges a lot of college kids it needed to know a lot about the presidency reagan was calling in the phone would rang a tom with answered and i'd say in the phone a resident of the united states will be a ride on on the phone and tomic oh wow this is this is so exciting and then a slide would go up on a the screens on their side of the stage of reagan at his desk on the phone with the phone up to his left ear and i'd go hero and tom go hello mr president hero mr president tom it'll it'll mr president hero hero hero mr president are you having trouble a hearing me oh tom tom yes hey who must have the phone up to my bed year he said oh that's right mr president are you at i i heard that you a damage when you're ears while a on a movie set an do you will hear let me let me switch it and then and then we switch at the slides and it would just be the same slide we've had a phone now and his right ear and that get a laugh i get a good laugh and then a he'd say well the gun went off by my we're animals like what's that dream wanna hear many western so that you you shot sir no it was dreamy filming a new rock knee all american it was it was the halftime good well mr president the i think the students have some questions for you well that's good because you know a lot of college students don't know that much about the president's chief example many think that william howard taft was the fattest resident huh i thought he was the fattest president's new believe he was not well a who was the fattest residence or i do an so that then tom would start taking questions answered so reagan that will see doddering reagan phil hartmann when we came back in eighty five again lorne again writers started doing reagan kind of in that fashion but but if you kind of compare rates in a the trump reagan a wasn't actor an of course he is a going have experience leading wines breathing in speaking speaking at the same time which is something that trump is just not good at an i watched the fourth of july a speech and he just is not good at leading breathing and talking at the same time and he he blamed the washington airport thing on the prompter but if you know you're speech you know where you are in deep eight teams century i'm sorry the lease he did do is go over the speech when i would just do it on important speech i go over it i'd go read two three four five i go over until i had it i don't have never seen maybe a state of the union maybe a state of the union they've made him go over but this was 'em well let's play some of this the continental army suffered bitter winter of valley forge found gloria across the waters of the delaware and seized victory from cornwallis of yorktown army mandy at it ran the ramparts it took over airports it did everything they had to do it can't be just pure talent black i just have to think on top of everything this is these laziest president we've ever had look he's honoring are are brave soldiers sailors airmen marines and coast guardsmen and women an all these pilots and cruiser preparing for the fly over so many people have prepared for this man there's a national park workers there's the the park police the dc police there's millions of people watching on tv just rain through the frigging speech a few times and he's celebrating these armed forces he's the guy who got out of vietnam miami his doctor right of bullshit note saying that donald had bone spurs i mean the whole speech is dedicated to are fighting men and women in their unbelievable sacrifice of blood end of life and it was just all the more tacky that he could not have taken the slightest bit of effort to learn this speech so now back to dana and george h w bush ronald reagan was leaving phil hartmann a had eight clear handle handle for him he did him great but at that point looking at george h w bush dana had nothing and if you listen to his first few attempts dana just did not have that handle an we're going oh boy bush's just kind of boring and then dana sound him with doing that thing over there you know in that whole area over there and you know not guide that mcat that wouldn't be prudent so a we we've just started to rely on dana's bush 'cause he could get laughs at will and if anything happened that week that we could open way of we we would do it andy a we just road dana a for the rest of bush's term and then a and of course during the campaign dana got the gift of ross perot as so we had this crazy ninety two season where the show just climbed on dan is back on on on bush and and perot an onfield hartman's clinton but mainly a bush now are depiction of h w bush was never a vicious in an ambush was gracious it's enough that after he lost he invited dana to the white house this is after he lost he'd been defeated in invites the guy who had ridiculed him for four years on tv invites the guy to the white house now can you imagine donald trump inviting alec baldwin to the white house if trump loses decks fall of course alec snl have been pretty unrelenting on trump and how could you not be but but bush now we invited to the white house after he lost they became friends they became friends and you'll hear a they interview with dan is very much about how we developed a political satire on snl dream what i think was a pretty good period of of political satire on the show so are idea politicals satire on the show was do welldeserved served politicals satire now this was before trump obviously there is no way to do well observed satire on donald trump and not be as vicious as possible or for that matter of mcconnell an end the rest of the republicans who were just being so craven lindsey graham for example you remember that weird tirade at the at the end of the cavenaugh hearings to my republican colleagues if you vote no you're legitimizing the most despicable thing i have seen in my time in politics you want this seat i hope you never get it out you're on the supreme court that's exactly where you should be and i hope that the american people will see the show right now we only proper response to that was this that louis from a piece a co wrote entitled be sarcastic clapping family of southampton here's an excerpt phil hartmann jan hooks and that weeks host kevin bacon now they're all here i just like i say one thing i know that some of you would like the challenge father's well after all meghan i did do rather well maybe like in costume i think that's unfair of course i certainly respect their right to do whatever you feel you have to buy a gun say before we start getting lawyers and here in fighting each other like greedy rats that's written about one thing where like that like there's a lot more at stake here the dollars and cents the memory of a man we all love the van call five oh like is considering the fact that you hate you fuck no no no don't shop just we all knew what you were just waiting for father to die so you could get filthy.

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