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You can call in to the show at 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. The way Lorenzo in Hollywood. Florida has done Lorenzo. What's going on? Hey, Thanks. Thanks for taking the call. I will say this. Um I think a D is incredibly skilled. But let's not forget the fact he lost the series. And if we want to talk about comparisons, how would your show be different? If LeBron James in a game seven went over four in overtime and shot an air ball. It would have been hours and hours of your show and acknowledge. Disagree. No. You know, it wouldn't have been. You're wrong. You are wrong, because I don't play that game. Okay? You're so then I apologize than other shows. Okay, let me just talk sports talking to by the way, if we want to be factually correct shows around it. Kevin Durant was o of six and over time. I will say this just because, and I said this earlier in the show, and I'm keeping you on the line, so don't worry, Um I said this earlier, just because something has been done for LeBron or a standard has been created for LeBron. I know that that standard is insane. I'm not going to perpetuate it, knowing that it's insane Just because it was done for him. That makes no sense. That makes me an idiot, right and Kevin Durant six and over time, I'll tell you I'll tell you a game LeBron was didn't do anything in overtime Game one of the NBA Finals in 2018. And I would argue That's the greatest game I've ever seen a human being play LeBron James against the Warriors in Game one of 2018 and guess what he lost. His team lost that game. I mean, there was a number of Go ahead. No, in the theory. No. Well, that's like it is like winning the series. So Katie ultimate lost the series. I think the indictment is and you kind of alluded on it. The great players now have to do everything and gee, honest is great, but he needs help. With the three point shooting. He's more of a driver. He can develop that game. And I think there's something about our basketball society where we put those guys who when I growing up, we call them volley ball hogs. Now they're called volume shooters. Those guys, for some reason in today's games are put on a pedestal. And really seen as revered and other guys who who maybe have an overdeveloped one aspect of the game. But need help in another aspect are seen as the second and I think, in the larger scheme of things that's true if you're comparing one on one greatness. Let's not forget team basketball, trusting your teammates. Should it be important and maybe playing with the right ones? You know, KB did match up with Kyrie. But he picked the guy who wasn't history of Injury problems and the fact he's injured again. Well, I mean, like this again, you have to deal with. You have to deal what actually happened, right? What happened to Kyrie? Irving? Did he get hurt? Because he's injury prone, Or did you get hurt Because Janice came up under him, and he sprained his ankle robot. James Harden has no injury problems. He plays every season every year. I mean, he's as durable as you can get, and Kevin Durant does do everything. Kevin Durant did everything in that series. That's my problem. If you watch that series, and you have anything like I don't care that he lost. That's let me put that on there. Do not care that he lost. I don't think that matters at all. I came away more impressed with Kevin Durant in a loss than I did when he won the titles that lost to me is greater than his title wins, just like LeBron has lost in the past. And I would say aside from 2016, I could make an argument that the second best LeBron achievement was in a loss. So this is where I think our collective brains are broken, where we only work from result backwards. And therefore, if you don't win, you are a failure, you know? I reject that sort of logic, and I reject that sort of thinking. I rejected it for LeBron. I'm rejecting it for Katie right now, because I've argued in the you know, like people Act like making it to the finals. Is worse than losing in the finals. I mean, losing in the finals is worse than losing before the finals as they've done for LeBron in the past, and just because LeBron was covered in a certain way does not mean It does not mean that you should Then do that to everybody else. If you know that that was stupid, and I know that that was stupid. Yeah. That's it. Oh, no, I'm sorry. Um, I'm calling up traffic. You're you're good. I don't disagree with what you're saying. But I also think the, um you know the team aspect. I don't think I can discredit the team aspect. You know what team aspect? What team aspect? That that maybe could. Kevin Durant did not align himself with the best team in Brooklyn. And I'm sorry, like when, when part of the storyline is, some players just need to get him the ball and get out of the way, which was one of them with With Rice Brown. I'm sorry, Bruce Brown when he took that last second scramble play, I don't know. I just think I think there's a reverence and over reverence. Who will who will be the favorites who will be the betting favorites going into next NBA season? I I would argue. Let's see how this one plays out. It will be the Brooklyn Nets. I I guarantee you. I guarantee you will be the Brooklyn net. No, You're good, right? But what if Milwaukee winds and they come back almost intact? Next year? It will be the next dude. Dude. Dude, we just watched that series. We just watched that series. Kyrie Irving was out. James Harden was on a great to hamstring strain. Jeff Greene, who's in their rotation was hobbled. Spencer Dinwiddie, who's on their roster was out and they barely lost to the bus. Okay, once again by Katie Toe. Could argue a poorly constructed team that you're making excuses. I think that's just that's just that's aside. I man I'm sorry and thank you for the call, but that's asinine. It's not a poorly constructed team. Every Every team by the way in the NBA history you take away You know their best guys. R is.

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