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Carthage kept on, you know, there's a world congress and she kept on putting up a vote to the world vote to the world to banned the use of luxury items of pearls or gold things that I have. And so I see my habits because everyone's okay, let's ban dad just to screw me over. So I said, guess what? Carthage your day's done. Did you sack sack Carthage? I punish them severely raise it. I. Punish them severely and then everybody else. Do you still have the option to raise the city rather than I think you do remember taking it over a good believe you do in the stack? Did you if you know in fact, but they were new the if you like, right before you go in for the one last city and they'll say, you will, you will incur a severe warmonger penalty if you take the city. So I actually took all the other cities except for an everyone had only like one city left in the world. And then I just took the capital of the last civil. And once you take every other capital is, you know that's domination victory, but I did everything I had, you know, anyway. So that was one of the things I did. I also you know, and all those old maxims. Oh yeah. There were two to maximum both with Jennifer love Hewitt. She was on the cover twice, like early two thousand. It was really hurt of prime. She was really, really something and then found old newspaper clippings of, you know, my stuff from the times what? No, no, I've never written for them. No, but I Washington Post book world and Yardley. Yeah, yeah. And it was Chris Lehmann was the editor at the time. So I would do the the military background as I found all this old stuff and I saved most of that. And then the the what happened is then on Sunday. And also will happen. Well, I also had a lovely breakfast with Terry slid dairies. He's doing well. I told him he needs to gain more weight. I need. He does say that to me it to me. No, you know. I mean, he's just, you know, he's just thinner and I said, he's trying to. He had like an open faced bacon egg and she said, I know why face, but he had opened face bacon cheese. Meanwhile, I had like western omelette, you know, and and potatoes and the whole thing, but he's doing well. It was nice to see him and then on Sunday, of course, you know, Keeton kids are now back there on the highway. I found my mother told me they left around ten in the morning and they're heading down. And then I finally had to go through my list of things I promised to do from. Oh, let's see here. There was the vacuuming and the dusting and e clearing out of the pantries and the all the newspapers magazines that are stacked pile high. And then it was like, you know what? It was like it was like the NCAA in risky business where Tom Cruise is running around the house because parents coming home from the airport, but speaking of Tom Cruise over the weekend mission possible fallout took the top spot at the box office with sixty one and a half million dollars followed by mama..

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