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Audie Cornish to congressional committees. That are looking into president. Trump's finances have issued subpoenas to a number of banks among those institutions Germany's Deutsche Bank over the years. It's done a lot of business with Trump and his company the Bank also has a checkered history that includes laundering money for Russian individuals to talk more about Deutsche Bank. We're joined by NPR's, Jim zarroli. And Jim the subpoenas are basically putting a spotlight on Deutsche Bank in its past what kind of relationship did it have with the president. Well, you go back to the nineteen nineties when some of the casinos that Trump owned declared bankruptcies, a lot of banks wouldn't lend to Trump after that. But DOJ Bank did so when Trump became president. He had very large mortgages with Deutsche Bank on some of his best-known properties. Like that the Trump national arou- resort in Miami, Trump International hotel and tower in Chicago, also the Trump internet. National hotel in Washington, he owed more than fifty million dollars on each. According to the financial statement that he filed in two thousand seventeen so there's always been this open question about why have banked lent to Trump when other banks wooden and for investigators? The question is all the more pressing because don't you Bank has really a record of of now fees in irregularities. Tell us more about that history. Some of the allegations we mentioned money laundering earlier. Right. Well, yeah. The money laundering the Bank paid fines, totaling six hundred thirty million dollars in two thousand seventeen regulators said some of its clients moved a huge amount of money like ten billion dollars out of Russia into offshore accounts illegally and Deutsche Bank, basically allowed it to happen. The and the allegations about money laundering, continue just recently and November the bank's headquarters in Frankfurt were raided by investigators. They were looking at how to Bank helped set up illegal accounts as part of this big money laundering, global money laundering scheme. So add to that Deutsche Bank paid seven point two billion dollars for helping setup toxic mortgages before the financial crisis. It paid a big fine for violating US sanctions against Iran and Syria. So really the Bank has has a long record of scandal. To to say, the least why are congressional investigators interested in the Bank at this point. What we don't know. Exactly. But one of the interesting things that has come out involves Michael Cohen, the president's personal lawyer who has pleaded guilty to tax and Bank fraud and is about to go to prison. He testified before congressional comedian February he said that in early twenty fourteen Trump wanted to buy the NFL team the Buffalo Bills. So he went to Bank for a loan, and he gave the Bank of financial statement. And according to Cohen this statement, really. Inflated the value of Trump's assets Cohen said Trump did this a lot we should point out here that Deutsche Bank was also subpoenaed by the New York attorney general's office recently it to investigating Trump's finances. Has deutchebanks anything to say so far about these Pena's yet says it's cooperating with investigators as much as a can this is generally how it responds to these allegations. The Bank is trying to sort of salvage reputation after years of lawbreaking. We also comment contacted the president's presidents attorneys for comment, they didn't respond, but Trump's son Eric put out a tweet today. He accused congress of harassment. He said he said, quote, this nonsense is the exact reason Americans have such disdain for politicians. And that my father was elected president. All right. That's NPR's. Jim zarroli? Jim. Thank you. You're welcome. For the first time and African American has won the Pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning Darren Belton started his career doing editorial cartoons and comic strips in college. But he took a break from editorial cartooning in two thousand one. He didn't start doing them again until a dozen years later during the trial of George Zimmerman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin a black teenager in Florida. Trayvon Martin's death, moved bell to devote a week's worth of cartoon strips to the story and after the trial bell started tackling other things in his cartoons like immigration policy climate change and President Trump Darrin bell joins us now. Congratulations to you. Thank you. So what was it about the trial involving Trayvon Martin's death that inspired you to start doing aditorial cartoons? Again. The trial of George Zimmerman pretty quickly turned into the trial of Trayvon Martin. As far as I was concerned. It seemed like it was like it was a criminal trial of the person who had been killed and half the country, basically decided that Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own death before the trial even started and they didn't change their minds. No matter what they saw and around the same time, my wife, and I found that we were pregnant with my first son, and it occurred to me that if he were to grow up in something like this were to happen to him. Half the country would say he had it coming. And I wanted to protect him the only way I knew how to do that was through cartoons. That's that's what I do. I mean, when we think of cartoons, we often think of art that makes us laugh, and you tackle stories that obviously are not funny at all. Can you talk about the way cartoons? Help us think about serious or painful stories differently. Well, artwork and cartoons. Have always been used to help us think things through. We're hard wired to respond to images it began with the first cave paintings written language began with hieroglyph IX, there's something called art therapy that I think a lot of people know about and sometimes I think that's what cartooning is for me. When an issue is too hard to think about I just start drying and see what happens, and I just hope that if it's not funny at least. It's therapy. And if it's their -peutic for me, I figure it's going to be that way for for readers as well. Part of the reason there have been no other African American winners in this category. Is simply because there are so few African Americans doing at to'real cartoons. Were there people you could turn to for inspiration in this field as you are working your way up in it? Well, I wish there were there were plenty of African American cartoon is stating back a hundred years or so one of the best cartoonists we've ever had was Oliver Harrington somewhat. I didn't know about until I was in my twenties when I was growing up the only people I I was exposed to where the cartoonists who were hired by mainstream newsrooms, and none of them were African American. So my influences were Conrad, Jeff McNally and Herblock mainly so given that you didn't have anyone who looks like you doing this kind of work when you were growing up who do you? Now want your work to reach. I want my work to reach everyone. I was inspired to do what I did not. Because there was somebody who looked like me doing it. I didn't know there was I thought everybody was white. And I thought it doesn't have to be that way. So it doesn't matter to me. Who's inspired by my work. I hope African American kids are I hope Latino kids are I hope everyone who's underrepresented in newsrooms are inspired to pick up a pen and just start drying their stories Darrin bell is the winner of the twenty nineteen Pulitzer prize for editorial cartooning, congratulations again. And thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you. You're listening to all things considered from NPR news. Now to Utah and young university where students are protesting that school strict honor code. They say the administration has used the code against victims of sexual assault or harassment and some victims claim they've been punished for reporting their own sexual assaults. Dacia eaten of member station. K U E R reports from Provo Brigham.

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