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Tested negative. Because it happens, people have it and it goes get the kids back to school. We've got to get the kids back to school Teachers. Unions, however, argue the teachers could be infected by their students who could also infect more susceptible relatives. In a statement earlier Wednesday, first Lady Melania Trump's have Barron Trump had contracted the virus that has infected her, her husband and others at the White House. President Trump is in Iowa Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden held a virtual fund raiser and delivered pre taped remarks to a group of American Muslims saying their voices matter. My administration will look like America, Muslim Americans serving at every level. One day one hour and Trump's unconstitutional Muslim ban. I'll push Congress to pass hate crimes legislation the University of Alabama's head football coach and athletic director of tested positive for the Corona virus. NPR's Debbie Elliot reports. Alabama coach Nick Saban says he tested positive for the virus but was not showing any symptoms at the time. He left campus and is isolating at home, as is athletic director Greg Burn. Saban, who is 68 says he's taken a second test to confirm the result. The second ranked Alabama Crimson Tide is scheduled to play number three Georgia Saturday in Tuscaloosa. It's not clear what savings positive test might mean for the highly anticipated match up. Last Saturday. Alabama beat the University of Mississippi, which has since announced its team was dealing with a Corona virus outbreak. Already, upcoming games between Vanderbilt in Missouri and L S U in Florida have been postponed because of the pandemic. Debbie Elliot NPR news and you're listening to NPR news. The world has just experienced a swarm a September on record. NPR's Nathan Rod reports. The latest data keeps 2020 on track to be one of the hottest years ever recorded. September was a month marked by massive wildfires and rapidly developing hurricanes in the US To natural phenomenon that are being made Mork common.

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