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Think I keep an eye probably everybody The the more you know about them the more horrified you are but what kind of an insane person you're actually feeling. I think that the theme was that Akiva is incapable of a lot of the basic things that adults are able to do and he really A relies heavily on the support of his wife and his kids to function. AKIVA is not capable of pumping gasoline. AKIVA I don't believe is capable of either feeding himself or preparing ring any food for himself outside of cereal. I don't believe the Kiva is capable of waking up up for things that he needs a support system to get like literally get him out of bed and get him to where he's going. I I really think that the reason why Akiva said was that he had so many embarrassing revelations about himself and his inability to function as an adult that that was why he said this is a disaster and nobody can ever hear this podcast. Akiva has many talents silence. But that at the same time that he while he has many superpowers he also has many weaknesses and blind spots but then and it turned into Kiva admitting all of the things he doesn't know how to do and it was truly alarming. Like my jaw was on the floor and I was like Akiva. This is waking you unlikable book. I think what ended up happening is I started digging my own grave because I mentioned like I mentioned I was incapable of of doing some like basic ace acumen function that I don't remember it was now and then it just ended up being a whole race. The rest of the episode was just like Bashing Kiva. Wh what else can you do. What else can you do? And I didn't even know like I have. There's a lot of things I'm like a weird guy. There's like a lot of things that like other people are capable of or like or is very normal for other people that I can't do or I have never done like I don't know how to turn on the oven in my house like I've never cooked. I don't even know the difference between like baking and cooking. I just have like when I have a blind spot. It's like the world's biggest blindspot I just don't know I don't know anything about it. And there was just like twenty examples samples of that but hopefully.

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