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Back now to Rick McClure in the traffic center Hi Michelle Let's take you through the district court getting a first report of a crash along the southbound side of the third street tun approaching the southeast Southwest freeway where one vehicle might be on its side metro police and D dot are on the way will have more for you on that one in our next report Virginia I 95 north through New England the crash of the fairfax county Parkway was cleared from your travel lanes the remains removed to the right shoulder 66 travelers had at western fakir county or back on the move The crash of the marcom exit was cleared the left lanes you're back on the move up and down 66 tune across Instead of Maryland we have a work zone set up through a Silver Spring along eastbound university boulevard between Georgia and arcola avenues and last check the left lane was getting by Route 50 still quiet both sides inside and outside the beltway across the bay bridge you're on the move three lanes west and two lanes east crossed bay BW Parkway north near NASA dotted the crash was cleared from the right side to the laser gone I two 70 had a work zone set up after 9 near the truck scales as long the right sides are expect some slowdowns headed south through high ex town and we're checking on a crash up in Frederick affecting the northbound ramp from route 15 to westbound I 70 Last check the left side of the ramp was compromised The holzman laser vision team focuses on safety and results with calming and comforting care by taking the fear out of your visit Visit holes been laser vision dot com that's holzman laser vision dot com Rick McClure WTO P traffic Your storm team four four day forecast from Samara Theodore a mostly clear night ahead with temperatures down into the 20s Sunny skies for your Monday highs in the mid 40s and then Tuesday most of the cloudy with heisler 50° For your Wednesday highs are in the low 50s so.

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