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Talk Shows Mahalo to contributors. Shamanov University and Hastings and plead well a communication company. Welcome back. This is bite marks cafe. Bert Lemon if you're just joining us, so we're talking to Senate. President Iran Cocchi and Complex Area Superintendent Paul Zena about the KOI education technology pilot, and of course right before the break You know we're talking about how the technology is probably I. Think you've heard this before it probably the easy part right I. mean you know that you can get so many Wifi hotspots? You can get so many computers and you know it's all a numbers and a kind of a procurement officer Allen, but then the the real challenge is. How do you get the people that are now using? These tools to best use them. And of course in the varying degrees of of digital literacy that they may have whether it's. Parents, students and teachers as well and before I let Paul talk a little bit about that. Ron I mean what's what's your thought from a? From a sort of you know legislative standpoint I mean you kind of see the the varying varying ranges of of literacy that might be out there. How would you address help to address? This whole digital literacy arena. I think the most important thing. Is that training of teachers to be better teachers when they are better than the students get engaged. you know you have that love of what you're doing going on. And as other teachers who are not as verse get more comfortable than it just naturally will result in a better. Outcome, I will say something you had touched upon, and we talked about in the broadband who? Their are families that don't have devices. Don't have the connectivity to the Internet that are now going The power of the Internet at their fingertips, going to really enhance them, so many of the jobs to they need to apply online so for those people who are out of work with everything happening. It's not just their children that are gonNA benefit, but we're. postals and telemedicine has really advanced so quickly. In this Covid, nineteen world, and so now it's GonNa. Give all of these families access to telemedicine. which was confirmed in conversations on the broadband? Who is so? The applications are so great. And the deal he intends to You know set up a health desk for each of the school districts, so that parents can call in and get assistance in You know how to better use the devices. They have how to help their students, so we're trying to create. Pathways to ensure that we can help. People be successful and not get frustrated and give up and again because he was from the bottom. Up Plan you have people who have ownership. People who have already bought in. This is what they've identified and that was critical. in what we did. We just said you know we can do the raising of the money, but you need to tell us where to invest it how to invest it in what to do. Yeah, that's that's. That's critical Paul So. You know the challenge that you face, and I think it'll get borne out in the in the pilot. given that there's a wide range of of Let's say expertise out there or at least literacy. How do you see tackling that? For the you know the entire island of why and how do you see perhaps leveraging what happens with other complex areas? Do you see the ability to to to kind of learn from your peers, and then apply it or are you guys? Sort of you know like isolated I. I would assume that there is a lot of sharing of best practices going on. Before you birth! You got that in reverse. People will be hopefully learning from us. Can I wanted you? Know? He wasn't sick randomly like we're saying that the top where a single school districts but that. It could be the easiest, and so conversations have already occurred with a complex area superintendents on the Big Island Maui analog who they're very interested, so we're hoping Zena is GonNa be stretching himself a real thin, explaining to everybody the great work. He's doing on coy. Paul you can't ask for a better endorsement than that. I. You know I really love to Echo. What senator coaches said that it really has been something that's grown from an internal sort of need, and you ask about scaling this up and how it might translate across more educational settings within the state you know. And there were there were a few other questions in there and and I I want touch on the I think what was a very. Big What you asked, excuse me. And you know you mentioned the the superintendent, Group or leadership group and the deal. We and we really do have a great great group of complex superintendents and assistant superintendents that assist us. And there was there was a great deal of guidance and a great deal of discussion Greenville Problem Solving. and with that help and the connections through Senator Coach in the legislative reps and everybody else on Koa along with the principals buying. I think it comes back down to what one key factor about scaling up really really relies on, and that's meeting people weather at everybody needs to see this. From a perspective of part of the project should speak to them specifically, and it should also encourage them to reach out to other members other stakeholders within the project. and. That's the most important part of scaling this up and again. ronn touched on it. It's not just providing tools to teachers that they can venues to improve. Students and families live in the home environment with distance learning, but it's also providing metrics.

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