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The shots blocked from behind by hankins hankins trailing down the lane Zagajewski went to shoot it the hanging swat swatted that like he was crushing it over a volleyball net for a spike. Yeah. He he punched that out of bounds though, frustration with Zach rather. Like, I rather see him just kind of tip it in this. Keep it keep it in bounds. And go up the other way Xavier trailing thirty seven twenty six minutes. Fifty eight to play in the first half a driving layup. I mention any fades away on a five footer instead every fakes a layup it hits it along the baseline good for two Xavier trails thirty nine to twenty-six largest lead to the ball game. For the Creighton Bluejays where the minute forty four to play. Thousand athletic by meant yet tip. You had to tough action for tyreek Johnson defense quit and good working on the left side of the floor left point trying to get the ball in the hankins unable to do. So back out the Scruggs at the point way out on the point though. Senator jumped circle and the Jones he's doubled up the ball's knocked out of his hands. He's hitting the face Jones removing southbound from the play meanwhile, pitched the ball up Richard across the Todd. And now we've got a foul on Brooks Jones. Now, finally come down place of defense with the musketeers. He's checking his left on we appears to be okay. He just kinda got hit and stop playing as you said you'll took himself out of the plane. It was four and five Xavier somehow was able to stop the ball by committing the fat put them in a position situation where they had to FAO to stop ratings advantage. One on one opportunity for Joseph at the free throw line is seventy five percent free. Throws. Bakes the first earns the right for the second shot. It's forty two twenty six now favor..

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