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He wants to be instill excel you've worked with thousands of elite athletes over the years so what do you find are some of the most beneficial or useful habits that these people have cultivated daily rituals are particular types of of things that these people have done each day to get better have you have you seen something dramatically pay off that you can sort of trace a line through these guys well let's shoes michael jordan as an example i i was system coach of the us olympic team twice in one thousand nine hundred eighty four one picks were in while say angeles and bob knight was the head coach in eighty eight i was assistant coach the united states olympic basketball team john thompson was the coach in the olympics were in korea so a kindle relationship with michael jordan we still share to this day and so michael came to me shortly after he he was a rookie in the nba asked me if i'd run a basketball camp for him and i said yes and so that gave me an opportunity to over twenty four twenty three years to get really get to see a basketball icon of probably an icon in all respects him for life that things that i noticed about a great athlete is unusual passion to to to excel the that their discipline they're immensely hard workers i'll tell you an interesting story that happened at michael's basketball camp an each session he would do unlike theron offense of basketball and then he would conclude he'd pick a couple young people out from the camp and say a play me one on one and if you beat me one on one you'll get a lifetime supply of jordan brand products so kids were great deal yeah so this one year the kid gets off to a good start and he's up to all and so down.

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