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Cornerback who I my first impression Shahnawaz you I'm good with it yeah I didn't want yeah brown and and it was like at the end it was okay I can I I see it we agreed we'd talked about it people have mentioned it going the safe way this was the safe play now is where the drive starts to me and I was we are going to be here on the air one alliance or either select or maybe trade back in the second round we're gonna be here with you for the next hour and now I'm excited that this is exciting to me as as sort of fan boy growing up and this could be I'm I'm just it'll be interesting I do they take a running back you know there's there's there's three running backs there who are are prolific do they go to the safety of five Xavier McKinney who's from Alabama he's still sitting there if that's what the bangles are the calls call seem to be looks like gonna go Jacob Beeson what did you get from yesterday what did you think of the lions pick and what what do you got your the veteran bro lead me into this Hey next time you know what Macura this is going to be a Russian man there's no other way to say that I mean this hour is going to fly by there's something special when there's something like this going on when we were reacting in in real time and we're going to react here and my buddy Scott Bischoff who's a scout is going to call in and our boys sketch is gonna be about keeping his ear in Allen park so we got it covered for you I want to go back I I agree with you with the quota if you're one of those guys you wanted more well of course we all want more you know I mean it's like the bishop came up with a good analogy I'd love to sell my house for a million dollars would that be great the reality is I'm not going to get a million dollars from my house and there's either there's either somebody to dance with or there isn't and there was nobody to dance went so if D. you know consular shouldn't price happens to be the best quarterback in the draft and it's that interesting spot back where the best and the best in his position at the draft meets needs how could somebody complain at that I don't understand how somebody could complain it it and you nailed it on top of the head my friend listen this is where you get your value this is where you build your team you hit a home run in the second round you hit a home run in the third round and all of a sudden the prospects for next season look at heck of a lot different and and let's not let's call the way it is Bob Quinn's coming about with a few straight coach to his belt you know he's really more like rob here that means make you compare walking up there one of the things one of the things I'd Ascot this shop is what appeared to me yes yesterday in the first round and you see by how you know with the San Francisco forty Niners orchestrated just moving up a pack to get somebody that they you know really wanted as a rusher should to replace a guy they sort of did in the same similarity what Detroit did a losing slammed replacing with the Gupta but but the the whole point is you really see which organizes Asians and you know are above other organizations and I think that not only the coolest part for me watching the draft is seeing in people's houses in the city the celebration with their families and their loved ones because I remember it's because as a player it's all about how you got there and it's not about you it's not about you when the cops and getting drafted it's about everything that went into it yeah when you sit around by yourself but sometimes you go man I'm proud of myself for I did it but now it's about everybody else and that's cool to see what blind and I'll even go to the defending champions you know what they did reminded me of what the red wings at county hall and used to do back in the day even though they pick the late they still got a at the end that runner out of LSU and you know just gave you help Patrick Mahomes another top notch weapon you know it's like here he is not a broke down two wheel bicycle bro here's a here's a twenty speed if they even have those yeah and you know what I mean mac that's that's what you're talking about right now I mean there are teams that they have the luxury pick now one of the rumors making the rounds today is the lines are very interested in Jaylen hurts and mac I don't get it we seeded hockey all the time you see it in the NFL as well for whatever reason there's a guy that you watch and you drooled over you know I use the example of Lamar Jackson a few years ago just us Dodd in college I mean he was phenomenal but a lot of scouts looked at him and questioned whether or not that would translate at the NFL level what we found out that it did Jaylen hurts is another guy like that all he did was when he won in Alabama you obviously to listen but to a supplanted him but he wanted all call home but he's been phenomenal and so the the issue in the rumor making the rounds this afternoon as the lions have had a lot of discussions with Jaylen hurts now here's the issue are they sincere about that at pick thirty five or are they trying to build you know some dramas where maybe they can pull a bill Bella check it moved down one or dare I say twice and get themselves an extra second round pick get themselves an extra third round pick yesterday was weird back because for all the talk and all the drama and all the rumors speculation and innuendo you know what it was very quiet it was just smoke and there was no fire at least early on is tonight going to follow suit I'm not so sure because boy there are a heck of a lot of talented players on the board right now but it seem like warning shots right where you're you're expecting you know it's got it's it's a prize fighter it's something that everybody's learning how to adopt to and stop in really we use that is shot and and in better terms of the same this is where you separate the men from the boys or who's playing checkers and who's playing chess you know with Jalen hurts it's it's maybe yes but Jalen hurts of thirty five No but maybe in the third round making a move where they can move back you know that the guy love in the draft and I always had is a Michael Pitman out of you USC just because he stopped and his dad and he comes in great roots and you know be a great special team guy and stuff like that but I know we don't need a wide receiver but it's something that I if they made a move and then they brought Jaylen hurts and I think it's what you'll see now is the top notch organize Asians the ones that the coaches and the G. Adams and ownership our our rate and stop that they're going to you know make this known in the second third rounds and we're gonna witness it right now and it's the greatest thing yeah you know I'll tell you what don't do not be surprised everybody talked about how deep this was for wide receiver when you consider mac that you know and the dole has year deal and Marvin Jones is up you know what they're gonna lock up Kenny might the lions take a wide receiver in this draft I'm not so sure thirty five but you might see that later on and we'll touch base with Scott base off a little bit he'll touch on on that point this is a a wide receiver class at mac you see it in the NHL all the time people all this is a winner class all this is a deep center classes a defense request that's a one thing a lot of people are talking about are those wide receivers more the show coming up we'll let you know what the Bengals do and then of course it's the Indianapolis Colts and then the Detroit lions and we'll have it for you right here it's a Darren McCarty show on seven sixty W. 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