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About the Broncos trying to sneak Brett reppin on to the practice squad and that was why he wasn't playing at all and why they gave him such a big bonus and all of this kind of stuff one hundred forty six K. say the number because pig your mind kind of runs wild little bit hunter forty six thousand dollars for Brett ripping again will be a high right not exorbitant Vic Fangio was I asked today about this whole notion of trying to sneak someone on to the practice squad where other NFL teams grab a ride that lets way overblown I think first off if there's a player here that we want on our practice squad and he can go to another team practice what he should stay here you know why go somewhere new have to learn a whole new system you don't anybody that we has to keep on the practice squad here they've built some equity with us so why go somewhere and start from ground zero so it's not that hadn't happened very often were the home team is lost out in practice squad night time I know what's happened is you know there might be some financial reasons I just don't I I mean his point is well taken right I mean if I'm Brett Rippin and I'm gonna be sent to the practice squad why would I want to go to another NFL teams practice what so that that points will take it but the bigger point here is why would other teams one bright red been at this point I don't see a lot of teams that we need him right now but we'll find out right we'll find.

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