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Traffic first on the fives from the JR weather center already went. Payment out there this morning rounds a showers thunderstorms in the forecast today some heavy rainfall in spots maybe some gusty winds up near eighty. This afternoon the rain lessening is a head through. Later today tonight partly cloudy sixty two from the Weather Channel. I'm meteorologist Ray Stagich on news talk seven sixty, WJR seventy, three degrees we have been talking about our environment our water about a lot of things this morning and it just dovetails nicely with some hearings that have started well. Started yesterday up north in our United States Senator Gary Peters raking ranking member of, the, subcommittee on surface transportation and. Merchant marine infrastructure safety insecurity convened a Senate Commerce Committee field. Hearing and Travers city on line five and the importance of protecting the Great Lakes for future generations and I understand Senator Gary Peters it was standing room only Well that's true Paul W we were the auditorium the dental museum. Up there, in traverse city pretty large auditory it was packed standing room just, an indication of how concerned people are about the line five and. The potential impact on the Great Lakes and. Traverse city but you know I hear that kind of, concern not just in traverse. City northern Michigan it's really all over the state. Of Michigan because it would affect the entire state of, Michigan God forbid something go wrong you heard. From our United States coast guard, the national wildlife federation from individuals and. From end bridge and did end bridge, give you any reason to not worry so much about a problem well no not not really and I tell you the the main reason why I continue to be very concerned as just seems to be a lack of transparency from the company and. That's one thing that I pressed pretty hard in the hearing in fact if you look at just this recent incident that occurred in April there. Was an anchor strikes that actually. Damaged cables that released them Material material into the straits, and and ended up hitting line five as well there, was. A thought that there were, dense it turns out they were actually gouged which is much more serious damage but even to this point average hasn't released the. Videos or pictures, taken by the submersibles and the divers are they've said they, sex did. But until you actually have full transparency people are simply not going to feel comfortable with what. They're doing we'll you you. Went after and bridge pretty well in fact even asking why took him so long to to get the submersible to to go and really look at the pipeline yeah that's the thing that? Is, pretty, outrageous you had. This you had this sprite and took over two weeks almost two and a half weeks to get us merciful down there to take a look at. Potential damage which when it happened it turned out it was worse. Than they, had anticipated but what was particularly concerning was that we had a, lizard type storm condition that hit during that time the coastguard during Testimony said, that they had skimmers on the sites to deal with the other oil issue those skimmers would only work in two. To three foot waves anything over that they. Would be ineffective and Nola was forecasting up to eight foot of waves. And indeed you had eight, feet away so here you had a damage pipe you haven't seen it took an awful lot of effort to. Get bridge to shut down temporarily and, that shouldn't be happening this company claims to be out there looking. For the. Best interest of Michiganders' in the lakes. They should, have been proactive in making sure that they were taking every precaution and that makes me very concerned when they don't. Seem, not willing to do that well David. Bryson spoke up. He is a senior vice president of operations in and bridge and he said quote when we need to shut our system down we shut it down they didn't feel they needed, to shut it down but obviously you and some other. People there did believe it should have been shut down I did I didn't really you know the issue right now with Emerges there's a complete. Lack of trust with so many people especially after the Kalamazoo. Pipeline disaster that, was, their pipeline that they operated that they said, everything was fine until. It wasn't and we have the most expensive pipeline. Break in, the history of the United States over a billion dollars spent and now they. Claim they. Take the extra, mile to keep them safe and yet You had a damaged pipe under the water hasn't been visually inspected a storm coming in that would have made any kind of recovery equipment that was on. Site completely ineffective and they, weren't even willing to proactively shut down, for a short period of time just to. Err on the side. Of safety it's those kinds of efforts to restore trust, with the public they were unwilling. To do that and they continue to be less than transparent when it comes to provide, information to the public to show the actual status of the pipe as it stands right now you may not. Feel it's your job but let me just ask this question line five is obviously Necessary it's serving people and it it if it, went away it. Would cause difficulty for a number of people and I'm just wondering if you even though it may not be your job Senator Pete is have you thought of or come up with or is anyone in any of these meetings come up with an alternative so that the. Precious cargo that line five carries. Could still get to the people that need it well there's no question you still have to get the material we have propane to the UP folks need to make sure, that they have access to propane the marathon refinery in Detroit get some of the material although the vast majority of that material. Starts in Canada and goes to Canada just transit's Michigan but. If you look at alternatives in a number of folks have looked at this and I work with without is that we have a intricate web of pipelines all across the. United States that moves material, and redirecting material into some other aspects, of that web or answering some of that. Is certainly doable without putting what the university of michigan has claimed or has studied and has found without putting oil through what they consider the most dangerous place for an oil spill anywhere in the entire great lakes base of and and that's you know it's also business folks we had larry bell from bell's brewery testify talking about the impact businesses we have folks mackinaw island who are concerned what that would do to our tourist attraction the risk of a very old pipeline i is great and i think there are alternatives you just need to push folks to find those alternatives and the willingness to actually get it done but certainly some of those have already been proposed senator gary pitas quick reaction to action by the u._s. department of energy offering eleven million barrels of crude for sale from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve this a head of the sanctions on iran that are expected to reduce global supplies of crude u._s. crude was up by forty five cents at Sixty six dollars thirty six cents a barrel. In afternoon trading yesterday any kind of reaction Well I haven't. Had a chance to review that depth generally very hesitant to release from the strategic reserve so, that's designed for a more serious interruption of oil which is necessary for the. United States and that strategic reserve is supposed to be there for. The real rainy days I leave you with. A quote from you, that you began with we'll end with and I agree with you when you say, quote we should. Never ever sacrifice and environmental treasure like the Great. Lakes end of quote thank you Senator Paul. W Senator Gary Peters here, on the Paul,.

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