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Technology to work for your retirement the big question is to use or not to use your smartphone right that's what we're exploring today but we're in is it to stay socially connected in retirement Rick how can technology help with that I think there's just an enormous amount of financial information out there there's enormous amount of information. days. look at all the things that follows in to social media about health and wellness and how to get skinny and how to get ripped and how to live longer and right is endless since that's probably why become we as a society become scammers of our smartphones because. there's so much information here even sure what to dig into and see you know so many things point us in so many different directions and so when you say the words socially connected I really think of you know what is the pulse of everything and I guess when we. we have a makes Bible references before there's Old Testament chapter call hagai a heck I was actually up in Old Testament profit and if you remember the stories from Sunday school you know the Israelites were slaves to their Egyptian masters and then ultimately Moses through god's influence was able to get his people free and then they one of the desert for forty years basically turning over a generation and then finally the promised land they got into the promised land they built the temple first and they build their homes and their living now and in Hey I was just really only two pages in the Bible when you read it he refers to and he was a prophet writes a large speaking for him he's the same you know the temples and ruins your living in your fine paneled homes and you make money only to put it into a purse with holes I mean that's what he said twenty five hundred years ago and where do we stand today here in the United States right we can't really account for money so nothing changed in twenty five hundred years as relates to finances so sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same and I'm I'm paraphrasing my good friend bill who said that I'm giving him credit here on on the radio but the reality is we're trying to find real relevance in this fast moving world fast moving economy fast moving technology so there are principles to daily wear and you know those are principals today that just have not changed right right definitely now what do I want you to do is tell us how you stay in touch with your own retirees that you work with by using social media so I would just say that we've done hundreds of workshops over the years of financial education workshops we have Barnett finish university which he. can go on our website and look at that we go out constantly and provide this information to people in churches schools unions organizations I mean we spoke to name it rotary lions club optimist club optometric association mended heart I mean there's this huge list of places that we've just gone out and talked and we never charge for it I've always felt compelled to go to teach in our church people not be not have any barriers to that education but the reality is now with technology and social media we continue not only through the radio here but through social media we have a Facebook page part of financial and tax we have an Instagram page we have a linked in page youravon of financial and tax on any one of those social media sites and the Lakers send you get connected you'll get our daily downloads of financial information and then you can choose to read it or not if the almost certain topics may be of interest and importance to you based on what's going on in your life currently or not but it's available to the skyline to those social media sites and I've asked her to like us if you read it like this like us and get our information on a daily basis Rick you have helped so many people over these past thirty years I mean gosh you have like two thousand families total but I I want to talk about the relationships that you've developed with those clients over time well I tell you this funny thing is is I'm going to weave Klein said Dr a claim owns an apple orchard right he every folly brings in this huge bag of apples an apple cider and we have clients we have a client that works with leader dogs and they come in and bring their dog and you know we just we have a great time we get cards letters cookies the relationship is mutual affection let's just put it that we were we care for all of our clients we sent a birthday cards if they're sick we send flowers if they lost level in return the funerals we just are part of their. I was in their part of ours and and to the degree that they desire you know we don't impose our self on our clients but it's a family office that's why we provide so many different.

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