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Than them and they're like. Oh i wish i was them. We'll adrian is It's interesting for for you know as an outsider watching a friend go from being a dude who is a musician and filmmaker documentary filmmaker. Suddenly he became famous because he played someone even more famous than he was which is kind of the ultimate modern experience. It's like andy. Warhol would have a field day with it being famous playing guys. Who's really famous right. Yeah and then i you know. I think they're the first season. Yeah people were jealous and then. Suddenly people started having wishful them where they were like. Oh this is like me and my friends. This how we're going to be next year. Well adrienne how do you feel. This has impacted your career. I mean on one hand. It's it's awesome because you're in a hot. Tv show on the other hand. You're playing a guy who's known for being an actor who's a famous actor who i could see casting people going. I don't want the guy who's known for being the famous actor in a movie. You know what. I mean as it impacted in a negative or positive way Well truthfully i don't know because i haven't been spending a lot of time You acting other than Entourage and the adventures of power and a couple of other smaller projects. Because i've been directing my own documentary which is taken up a a whole lot of my town where we saw. I saw the one where you went in search. You hear father birth father which was great and For me i in a candid compliment. But it's hard to fuck up a documentary. I love documentaries. I feel like. I'm learning something. I'm if it's real if the characters unreal in every once in a while you get a The kid stays in the picture or overnight with I don't know if you guys have ever seen that one but it's just it's so insane. It's it's unbelievable but And i enjoyed years very much. But i just love documentary but it does seem like it's not really much way to make a living as it. No no i mean when you when you really take the hours like the hours of planning the hours you spend the edit bay the hours you spend shooting the footage is like if somebody said like how lawyers charged like they go. Oh i was golfing today. But i was thinking about your case so i'm going to charge you for four hours like if you took everyone your hours thinking about one of these documentaries working on it editing. All the things all the things involved with it and then took the prophet. You would be better off getting a job at del taco right from an hourly standpoint Yeah i i think monetary than the. Yeah it's worse. I ended up. Having like i'd be in debt to del taco. Somehow right dome saw. Oh yeah yeah yeah. So no. it's the reward is definitely not You know dollars and cents. It's it's but then are you is it is Is entourage lucrative enough. That you can just do this or is your lifestyle. Sort of spartan enough. Oh yeah that's that's definitely the case i mean. Entourage has given me an opportunity to make documentaries and spend inordinate amount of time. You know contemplating the world and making films about it. I don't let me put words in your mouth. But i hate it when people disagree with me. You seem to me like a guy who doesn't need a whole bunch of cars and whole bunch of houses and a whole bunch of cocaine and the whole bunch of shit like i mean. He seemed like an artist. Like we're talking miami. I said where do you live. And you're like i'm a new yorker and brooklyn. And i said i move out here and you said i could never live out here. So you're you're not one of these guys That you know. Mc hammer can equip. Vince yes i don't need them but they're fun right but you don't. You're not a slave to this stuff. I mean you have more artists lifestyle. Yeah i mean for the most part You know we play music and you know it's been a lot of time uh recording at the house and and also making films I come from like the diy generation. I guess you know what they're doing it. I'm not waiting for someone to give me a role or begging for a job. It's it's you know we we have all of these opportunities other technology at our disposal to just go out and make things and create and communicate. I mean this seems a little like the same spirit here. Yeah well what happened with me is I got fired from my radio. Job and So my buddy. I went to high school with you. Met out there. Pouring the red wine he said You start podcast. It and i said What's that you just talk. Say whatever you want and People download it. And i said house addy make money and he said i don't know what do it you know and then eventually get enough downloads. Get enough big enough audience and then figure out a way to you. Know find that audience and get a couple nichols them and That's what we did. And then we started in other shows in the network and start dreaming him. Yeah and and and we're kind of getting to that place and part of it's a mindset and other part is the technologies eight enabled everyone to do it. I mean there's no way. Just with the cameras and the microphones and the computers. That didn't exist. Twenty years ago is there's no possible. Way to have an antenna on top of mount wilson that was you know eighty feet high and now you can just do it but then you get to this point. Were now that everyone can do it. A well back. In the day there were four networks five networks. And you'd end up watching. You know. I mean i would sit home at nine and like watch. A rerun of bonanza just because it was people moving in front of me. I didn't give a shit about hawes or or docker anybody and now you realize okay. There's five hundred stations and you have to define yourself. And there's two billion podcasts. And everybody's got a cell phone. Could make a documentary now so now. The sort of bar has been raised a little bit in terms of content. Absolutely i mean the there's a lot more competition And you know you actually have to prove yourself you have to prove that you can create the quality stuff that people want to download or watch right. I think that's a good thing. I mean it's like it's like the free market competition increases quality. It is it's it's essentially. What happened to american car companies. Like if you take a look at the american cars they were putting out in the late sixties early seventies mid seventies. It was sort of a joke. It was like they're just they're just going fuck. We'll make something called the matador and we'll put like a naga hide landau roof on the outside of it or get four miles again. It'd be a piece of shit and then someone who's going to buy that. I'll what choice did i have. You know and all sudden. Honda and toyota and datsun cert- role name and all of a sudden the american car companies. Gotta go like. Hey we gotta get our shit together because we don't get your ship together now. American cars are pretty damn good and there's no way they would be bad damn good if they weren't getting overrun by you know subaru and laxest and everybody else coming from every other country. Well i mean that's why we all need to support and i'm sure you do support net neutrality so that we all have an equal opportunity to to compete. Yeah do we support that Well larry elder larry less. I think there's a there's a website I'm sure someone could find out right. You have people people to find out and put it up on something neutrality. Yeah.

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