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Allah Walgreens. Your helicopter is applied a tier one generic drugs and select plant where Walgreens is a preferred pharmacy. Good morning. It's 8 48 on it's time for traffic and weather on the eights as we go back to Jack Taylor in the traffic center. I've been a while. Since we've heard from anybody in Manassas, the intersection of God went driving Wellington Road. We'd had an earlier crash that had been under police direction. Not too bad in the area right now. Movie that's gone out of Centerville, 28. North bound the ramp to go east on 66. There's been a crash follow police direction. 66 eastbound. The only delay out of Gainesville toward Roslyn will be right around 1 23 headed toward Nutley. Also a little delay Beltway outer loop the ramp to go west on 66 unclear if there's any work on the ramp, 95 3 95 look great between Stafford in the 14th Street Bridge. Absolutely no delays were quiet on 4 95 between Alexandria and McClane. The Beltway itself looks just as good in Maryland between Bethesda in Oxon Hill, inner and outer loop to seventies. Good out of Frederick South toward the lane. Divide. Checking in silver Spring on 29 years, Stuart Layne, both directions to 29. There'd been a reported crash earlier. Vehicle Fire long put out inside the Beltway land over 50 eastbound near 4 10. What's left of its over on the left shoulder accident cleanup remains leaving Frederick headed east toward new market. Before you get to 75 exit 62 the accident activity last heard been blocking the left lane. 50 looks good. Between northeast in the Bay Bridge. We still have three lanes west and two lanes. East. All lanes open both spans of the bridge. But the bridge is operating under wind warnings, but no vehicle restrictions slowdown in the district I to 95 North bound to roll up towards Suitland Parkway in the 11th Street Bridge, DC, to 95 slower leaving Eastern Avenue down toward East Capitol Street. Wide open on the freeway, though, between the 14th and the 11th both sides. Third Street Tunnel looks good, as does New York Avenue, American military University offers doctoral education for strategic intelligence and global security professionals who were inspired to lead their field. Push your mind at a m you online dot com Jack Taylor deputy T o p traffic and Let's get your forecast from Storm Team four's Matt Ritter. Cloudy this morning but clearing with a few scattered flurries Possible south of D c this morning than becoming mostly.

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