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The threes near absolutely arrived the day laser still there i'll bear between her and route thirty that we normally see you get some running robe that had sluggish again getting to one 28 and it's going to stay heavy all the way to all stood we've been seeing this trend the last three mornings with the new land configurations the morning startsov okay by all stood but as it progresses it starts to back up from there and that's what we're seeing right now now it stays every right to that spot and then it's going to pop free for you the rest of the way to the expressway but the it westbound little bit heavy as well making way onto the turnpike and toward making your way toward fenway that's about where will start to pop pre for your so we have those delays there stirrer drivers heavy as well on the leverage dow rapid coming off of route ninety the three of the tobin bridge backs the route sixteen both the submarine williams are jammed up to the airport 93 is back to roosevelt circle on the expressway northbound your jab from the virgin braintree right up to columbia road southbound's heavy getting by the gaspe northbound route three two pockets by one by eighteen and by union street or go up north get the latest in 495 from christie naked them offering sure it's got through the good news here chris that crash that happened in fort 85northbound before twenty eight in dover has cleared all the travel lanes are open but the northbound backup still stretches all the way back for what 33 antics very up curiosity at benefactor for 495 south that still slow from the doubledecker bridget lauren's dump out spot for team that it backs up again approaching ninety three kristen after the offer insurance copter and act update 823 wbz strap when you served your country it was about watching each other's back.

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