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I think as a little as a fashion statement if you wouldn't look too bad now, I'd look silly. If I had you were together wearing then we will look good. Well, like one like where where you have the left arm, and I have the right arm. No. You just have another one like if we were together together. Yeah. Nuts. Do that next time. That's what we're gonna do. Meantime, I don't mean to take a hard right turn here. But I want to talk about your reaction first of all. I think it's wonderful stuff that you do with with your brother with Special Olympics and everything else. I know you were just in Dubai. What are your thoughts on the on the news that we're hearing that it might be funded, or at least it's been suggested just the thought of hurt you know, I was out there. And I would I be with those kids during world games. And it was just it was amazing. You know, just the disdain being out there playing these sports. And so on how much how much passion they have. And it's not about when losing this about just being out there. Having an opportunity to play games. They have an opportunity to have their peers watch them play having having opportunity people to cheer for them. So they're already living a tougher life than you can ever imagine my little brother, he can't talk. You know, saying he's been limited to his whole life not being able to speak. So he's been supporting me four younger brothers in three of them. Play college ball and Jacob was our biggest fan he's every single game. Just so happy and so excited so when we can go to track and. Field events, his botchy ball events and just give him his participation trophy. He didn't even have to win goes over a bronze. But he's up there standing on the podium just excited he's ever be. And to see those kids in that to wanna take that away from him. I can understand. I just feel like that's just mean God, just but on your side, and the way you describe it it is wonderful stuff. And is that how you then became an ambassador to use your platform to give your brother a voice, then this is actually what we did it man, I became a global ambassador two thousand fifteen and just be able to go to these events going to these world games. I walked out with a New Zealand and as for the for the opening ceremony. And there was so crazy like they literally just running through so hype and it's their Olympics. So just being there just really could touch my heart in I get more out of it going there than they than they do. So just do it for my I do for my for Phil good feeling. So I just. It just it just hurt. Well, well, good for you. And the and the great work you're doing good for Jacob. Having a good time going out. There was I assume he was in Dubai with Dubai with me wonderful. Now, let's talk about you mentioned that you have an athletic career of your own. And I don't know if you've heard, but since the last time you wore that uniform there have been some changes on that team. Where do you sit with the with the state of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the calendar year twenty nineteen in January? You might have heard Tom Brady who went on to win. The Super Bowl was doing a lot of this. No one believes in us kind of stuff. I found it a little fraudulent good news for you. I think there are a lot of doubters right now about the Pittsburgh Steelers. And I feel like the same way I think that Pittsburgh has never really been underdog..

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