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It's more. You know, what about Dede Westbrook because the first game we have with Cody Kessler ten targets seven for eighty eight and a touchdown playing against Washington. Who's had a good defense? Although because of what's going on with the quarterback their defense was I mean, I mean, it was forty to nothing. The giants were up on them last week DD is okay. But again, you're putting your trust and Cody Kessler in that situation. And I don't I'm looking at it as week fifteen I need to mitigate the goosing potential of David Moore or a trick wants myth as much as I need to get lucky on the upside. I mean, any of these guys, right? Randall cobb. Kenny stills Jamison Crowder. They can all score. A touchdown Dante Pettis I don't wanna get goose. Now, the headliner is still if if tyreek hill was to sit. And Sammy Watkins doesn't return which we don't expect him to then Regina, Chris Conley? With Pat Mahomes on Thursday night football. Would you take him over all the names that we've said already? Yes, I would I would I would want Pat Mahomes as the the number one wide receiver. Yes. One hundred percent till you take would you play. Chris Conley in that situation over Kennedy day at buffalo. No, no. I would still I, you know, I think Buffalo's defense is good and Kenny golladay didn't do much. But the thing is Detroit didn't need to do much against Arizona. I believe Matt Stafford threw the ball. Not completions. Threw the ball four times in the second half of last week. So yeah kindergarten. They didn't have himself a good game. Didn't need to Zack zender was like. Yeah. I can just run on the cardinals. Yeah. Everybody can do that. Yeah. Day, Sean Hamilton, are you interested? The gender wide receiver seven for forty seven and a touchdown nine targets last week. Yeah. I mean, I'm I'm interested. He was the guy that you know, picked it up against Cleveland. I mean to play him over Portland Sutton would be difficult for me. And I don't really wanna play Cortlandt Sutton. I'm interested, but I don't want my playoffs on the line here with case keenum. So now that like I genuinely I don't want over state this. But I feel like I'm a little depressed. Yeah. I don't know that wasn't for hours. That was the best -sition. Can we please go to running backs? There's so much so many better on social options at running back, and I might be able to dig myself out of this feeling okay. Let's move on running backs the players that people have a lot of doubts with this week..

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