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I'm not really sure that one very faint kick in out. I called on the floor. And so here comes Houston. The other way to live in London. The first trailing by eleven art and right side nasty green behind a screen three's. Good Gerald green with a three pointer. What am I twenty one Lakers lead? They bring it up. Baldwin pulp from the right up. Top to Lonzo. Ball lobs it for McGee. It's tapped away out of bounds ice job by Nunnelee. Saw that play coming. It'll be Laker ball on the end line. Let's say I love the way Lonzo ball plays. He's got great vision. That's on just just putting up on that pass got knocked out of bounds. But he sees the floor is good it. But he reminds me a lot of Jason Kidd that is high praise Lonzo ball from the Los Angeles area. Played a USC on and done. Number two picks of the Lakers in his second year. Couple changes for Luke Walton is Josh heart speed MCI. Look the rookie from Kansas will come into the lineup here. Ingram's gonna sit down. So we'll hope Eric Gordon and Austin rivers back on the floor for the first time. So little size in bounce right? Under the basket. Josh Hartford, easy, deuce. Will you say it for me? You know, how much you cannot give up the inbound underneath the basket. Actually, there's Eric Gordon euro stepping his way down the lane for two. Thirty one twenty three Lakers up eight to fifteen to go in the first ball will send it to Ma on the right? He's gonna put it off the deck against green gets the foul and the score Kyle Kuzma with a chance at a three point play extending an outstanding first quarter. He's got fourteen that sixteen sixteen. They just added the two six or seven great take right there. One dribble all the way to the rim Gerald green Lakers having their way thirty three points here. This is a team that was last offensive efficiency since they lost the broad James now that a huge night the other night getting one hundred thirty eight in. Okay, see, but they also scored ninety five against the Cleveland Cavaliers sneak in LA. Yes. So you don't know what you're going to get out of this Laker team. But they got it rolling here. Tonight. Seventeen points for Kyle Kuzma, completing a three point play Lakers lost five of their first six after losing LeBron James on Christmas day, they've won four of six big winner. Oklah-? Homa city. And now it's thirty four twenty three lead here in Houston. Two minutes to go in the first Eric, Gordon. Cuts to the top finds Clark the rookie for three while bricked one wide right in the Lakers will return it the other way five fifteen from behind the arc of the rockets. They'll two-man game ball finding McGee down the lane too strong. No, good rebound. Clark down court. Gordon, Gordon had a steam down the lane changes hands reverse pangs on the and falls off. No, good Makita ball a little pace into the front court feeds mikailah for three MRs long rebound at a collision as heart runs into Gordon and the loose ball fouls on Josh heart. His first of the Lakers just deferred for LA. So we won't have free throws here a minute and a half to go. Very well. Played a first quarter. Here we have. Many free throws five for the Lakers. One reused in rockets will bring it on with Austin rumors in a minute twenty to go in the first trailing by eleven has to the top Gordon he'll square for three missed in McGee rebounds for Los Angeles. Thirty nine percent from the field for Houston in the opening quarter. Ball will work the offense from the left way rolls the ball into the mid post Takao kouzmine with seventeen in the first turn shot. No, good defended nicely that time by not only passed out court stolen by ball saves it nicely on the end line to Kouzmin 3-on-1. Lob to heart catches it. What's it up? No, good ball batted in the air part. Hasn't Laker still with it. Forty eight seconds to go in the first battle three hundred breakneck efforts lucky to keep his. Here's coz mad the top. They clear the middle pull up three over twenty points in the opening quarter for Kyle Kuzma here in Houston. He has its smoking. That's I'm Nina switched out. He had no chance. Eric Gordon fires at three and answers at the other end for Houston. Thirty seconds to go in the first rockets back with an eleven thirty seven twenty six Lakers. Lob for the rim McGee somehow makes a one catching against puts it in. About the Lakers with thirty nine. In the first final shot belongs to the rockets down thirteen twelve seconds to go. Gordon, standing inside a half four eight seconds to go makes his move against heart. And a they set the screen Gordon to the free throw light steps back for three straight on MRs McGee at the horrid has the rebound and the Lakers behind Kyle Kuzma twenty J B up thirteen after thirty nine points playing with some serious competence a great win. Okay. See a couple of days ago and has continued here tonight after twelve minutes and of one quarter in Houston. It's the Lakers thirty nine the rockets twenty six this is the NBA on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by Indian. Progressive presents get inspiration to help you do insurance stuff. Hey,.

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